Howdy, it's been a while….

Jo Carline
Doncopolitan Show Presenter Jo Carline: All round top lass with best laugh for a 25 mile radius.

Rachel Horne
Doncopolitan Show Presenter Rach Horne: All round nice lass with a curly wig.

Ok, alas Doncolites, we did not succeed in winning the city bid. We are however, still here waving the banner high for our beloved Doncopolitan. There’s always a round two, and then we’ll be ready to rumble.
We haven’t been writing much of late, we’ve been busy teaming up with the super powers of local radio Sinefm. The folks at Sine offer very cost-effective training on how to create you’re own radio show and we just figured, what the heck, let’s give it a go! And from that merry venture manifested the Doncopolitian Radio Show presented by local artists Jo Carline and Rachel Horne. If you want to know what’s happening in the local creative and culture scene then tune in for local art and music news, from the highbrow to the down right bizare.
Previous shows have covered topics such as “The Old Leopard Juke Box”, “Being a Boyo” and the “Dirty of Town” the girls pick an eclectic mixture of tracks to suit a variety of tastes dedicated to the theme or special guests. So if you wanna find out what’s popping in the Donc tune in on 102.6 Sinefm every 1st and 3rd Wednesday.
Check out Sinefm:
But even better tune it to our fav shows and listen back online.
The Orange Flavoured Fruit Machine with Jon Kelly
This juicey journey will take you places you’ve never been before into the surreal side of psychedelia, electronica and dub.
Life Is a Cabaret with Mark Ellis
Every sunday morning wake up call needs some Cabaret, tune in at 10.00am-11.00am for Mark Ellis’s clubland news and intro powernotes.
American Hot Wax with the Big Bopper
Ripping up a blazing storm of true rockin’ sounds, the Bopper plays essential rock ‘n’ roll with a passion
and knowledge rare in the UK. Exploring the roots of the genre through doo-wop and rhythm & blues and highlighting artists seldom heard today, this is an essential show for any fan of great music.
The All Important Breakfast Show with Simon Sayner
Simon helps you start your day right. Get the latest local and national news, traffic and weather! Make your day extra special, start it with the Bigger All Important Breakfast Show.
The Lock Down with Wayne ‘Ryallzey’ Ryalls
Hip Hop and RnB delivered with passion, knowledge and plenty of soulful intent. Plus an interactive classic three segment chosen by you!


  1. rachelroar

    Yay!! Permafure/Doncopoltian Tag team!! Guys listen to the show if you have time….The 12th got a plug and Warren got his shout out with Hawkwind’s “Motorhead” for our Founding Father!!

  2. rachelroar

    Yay! Permafuture Doncopolitan tag team. We plugged Permafuture and also did a shout out to the Founding Father!! We played Hawkwinds “Motorhead”. Let me know if you get chance to listen back on the show….maybe we should do a regular Permafuture Feature every couple of months for the allotments??

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