Pit Men Poets @ The Mexborough Concertina Band Club

Rawmarsh ex-pit man turned poet Tony “Gooders” Goodwin hosts the second Pit Men Poets night in Mexborough on the 16th of January bringing together friends and poets from across the region. The night offers each poet the chance to stand up and recite one poem each and you don’t have to be a pit man to and take part.

Mike O'Brien Photography taken by Dominic Somer
Poet Mike O’Brien (all photography taken by Dominic Somer)

Joe Kriss
Joe Kriss of Wordlife in Sheffield

This is definitely a one-of-a-kind night for the region and poems range in content from political, historical and even a few love poems.
Ray Hearne a Rotherham based poet was there on the debut night and played a ditty on his guitar called “On the Beach in Rotherham”, Joe Kriss a poet originally for London now based in Sheffield performed a poem about Tinsley Power Station. A young Rotherham lad of 17 performed a contemporary rap inspired by his travels in Austrailia, which went down a storm. Gav Robertson a Rotherham based wordsmith, who started Rotherham’s own acclaimed poetry night ROMP recited a lengthy but heart warming love poem.
Ray Hearne "On the Beach in Rotherham"
Ray Hearne “On the Beach in Rotherham” (this clearly needs to be on iTunes)

This night is for anyone who has something to say, in the spirit of the old pit-men you need to have the courage to stand-up and recite something from the heart. You could even be an aspiring HipHop MC, an ex-miner with a few stories to tell, a Mexborough lass with fire in your belly with something to say about the world.
The next Pit Men Poets night will take place on Thursday 16th January at 8.00pm and will take place every 3rd Thursday at the Concertina Band Club in Mexborough. Entry is Free.
To find out more contact:
Tony Goodwin gooders1675@live.co.uk


  1. Tony Goodwin

    The Pitman Poets Open Mic night as relocated to the falcon inn mexborough, also it is now held on the last Friday of every month. Same format, sake madcap performances from all the local talent. Tony Goodwin is still the host with the mostest.

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