Artist Leonie Regan Talks Phenomenology and Pebbles.

From Pebbles Series
The Pebbles Series

Phenomenology – is the body’s initial response and emotional reaction to an encounter through visual stimuli, otherwise known as a gut reaction. For this collection of work the main source of inspiration has come from the beach. Specifically the experience of walking along the sand, selecting pebbles and shells that are special to us, we then proceed to handle these objects exploring the size, shape, colours and textures of the piece to decide whether we want it to become apart of our physical and emotional collection of objects and memories.
As a ceramicist interaction is a key element to my practice and gives me a fascination with touch. I begin with the exploration of natural forms, searching for inspiration enabling me to create my own objects with my hands. I use a tactile process and therefore feel viewer interaction is a crucial part of the work, so I make things with this in mind.The tactile process that I have used to create these forms comes from taking a ball of clay and working in to the material pinching around the edges to create a bowl shape, the two halves are connected to create a sphere. I then carefully manipulate the shape in to the form I desire and finally, I apply numerous glazes to create various textures, so that each piece generates a unique experience.
Leonie’s work will be on show at the University Centre Degree Degree Show from the 20th -27th June 2014.

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