The Ryallzey Review…

10259957_10152313514280860_8518411202202600091_nRyallzey is the name Hip Hop/RnB is my game or should I say music? So, about me. Loved music ever since my ears first sent the delightful sound signals to my brain followed by the goose bumps, horrendous dancing then belting out lyrics from my mouth like a young Michael Jackson (I wish ha).  This is of course all off microphone fortunately, for you as my show roles on with the listener none the wiser to my moment of madness inside the music (as I like to call it). I am of course now talking about my show which I’ve been very privileged to present since October 2011 on Doncaster’s local station, the one and only 102.6 Sine FM. The Lockdown show which is live and exclusive Saturday’s 1pm until 4pm. So based on my experience and passion for this stuff I will hopefully tell you something a little interesting that will bring a little smile to your face, even if you think I’m a little mad and turn the page rather quickly. If that’s the case and you’d like a bit more of me then you know where you can find me.
So, back to the reason I’m writing this review. Rachel contacted me to get involved in this local magazine and do a column based on music and more specifically for me, the urban type. To be honest, it took all of about 0.01 seconds to say yes, thanks Rachel, so lets get on with it I hear you saying, ok!
The debut song review is of Skrillex feat Chance the Rapper entitled Coast is Clear. Rather than me boring you with who produced it, what label it’s on, who took the pictures, whats the BPM, does he wear nice clothes in the video in my first review etc. Let’s just plainly talk about the tune and should you invest 99p of your hard earned cash and buy it? Answer in terms “yes”. I want you to close your eyes (not now, when you’ve bought the song, then you can relate to what I’m about to tell you), imagine driving top down in the summer, you’re on your way home to get ready for a night out or you’re about to go pummel some calories in the gym, this track will get you not only in the mood but see you through. We all know much about Skrillex’s ability to get the sound out of the speaker and shake those eardrums to give the most laid back of brains the urge to tap the foot to the beat but little is known of Chance the Rapper on these shores. His stock is rising with this collaboration though, 2 mix tapes down and eagerly anticipating his first full studio release. So here’s the technical bit, the vocal is good, mixed with a little jazz and soul thrown over a high tempo Skrillex-type beat to get you out your seat, it’s clear they were taking no chances with this number.

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