A Message from Frack-Free South Yorkshire….

Do you live near Bawtry, Hatfield, Blaxton, Misson, Misson Springs, Finningley, Austerfield, Linderholme, Hatfield Woodhouse?
The extremely controversial process of fracking for gas & oil is pending for our area. The oil/gas industry & our government are wanting full steam ahead for fracking in the UK & had planned to have already started BUT a huge public outcry has halted their plans thus far, but they are still trying to quietly edge closer.
IGas will be putting a planning application into Notts County Council soon for shale gas exploration (first step to seek fracking potential of that area) at Misson Springs only 4 miles from Bawtry

Frack OFF!
Frack OFF!

The truck route will be through the Doncaster borough – through Blaxton, Lindholme and Hatfield Woodhouse to the M180. IGas says, over a 50 weeks’ period there will be 4998 HGV movements and 10,600 light van/car movements. For 33 of those weeks it will be 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Furthermore, Egdon Resources wants to drill for shale gas near Hatfield in 2016.
We have 7,500 flyers to push through 7,500 letterboxes
In Bawtry, Austerfield, Finningley, Blaxton, Linderholme, Hatfield Woodhouse and Hatfield.
Resident action has forced other countries/regions to completely ban fracking & we can achieve the same. You can help achieve this in the following ways
– Join us on one of the following leafleting days (see below)
– Share this email with family, friends & contacts
– Come to one of the forthcoming public presentations (see leaflet attached)
– Following the ‘Frack Free (S.Yorks)’ Facebook page & invite friends
– Sign up to the www.frackfreesouthyorkshire.co.uk newsletter
– Share this powerful 2-min video highlighting problems USA communities have faced
An ever-growing number of local residents are become aware of the major concerns/dangers with the process of fracking & are now saying NO.
 Together we can win this!
 Frack Free South Yorkshire
 Some concerning quotes
 France Ban Fracking
“It’s ironic that a French-owned company is seeking to drill the UK for shale gas when it’s banned from fracking in France due to environmental concerns”
Friends of the Earth (12 Jan, 14)
 65% of Britain in pipeline to be fracked
‘Fracking companies entitled to licenses on more than 60% of British land’ The Guardian (17 Dec, 13)
 Property Prices ‘Fracking digs deep hole in house values’ The Sunday Times (24 Aug, 14)
 Water Pollution ‘We do not have the technology that would eliminate the danger of having water contaminated through this process’ Richard Seebar, President, European Pariiament Water Group. ‘The fracking pipes go through the drinking water aquifers and there are worries that any cracks in the lining of the drilling wells could contaminate supplies.’
BBC News (16 Aug, 13) ‘750 chemicals are reportedly used throughout this process, of which more than 100 are known or suspected endocrine disrupters, while others are toxins or carcinogens.’
NHS (18 Dec, 13) ‘leaks in well casings near the surface, caused by “poor workmanship” or the tremors associated with fracking, were the most likely cause of contamination’
BBC News (13 July, 13) ‘chemicals, including methane and arsenic, have been found more often in water wells near natural gas extraction sites.’ BBC News (16 Aug, 13)
 Air Pollution ‘Hazardous air pollutants detected near fracking sites’ Bloomberg (4 Dec, 12)
 Truck Traffic ‘Residents could face as many as 51 lorry journeys each day for three years’
The Telegraph (17, Dec, 13)
 Climate Change ‘UK fracking ambitions threatened by EU warning over methane emissions’…‘methane is 86 times more damaging than CO2’ The Telegraph (10 Oct, 13)
 Energy Prices ‘Fracking for shale gas in the UK will not have “any effect” on gas prices, Ed Davey, the energy secretary has said, contradicting the Prime Minister’s promise that it will lead to lower energy bills.’ The Telegraph (9 Sept, 13)
Earthquakes & Tremors ‘British Geological Survey says that the two earthquakes in Lancashire were indeed caused by Cuadrilla Resources’ exploratory shale gas wells.’ Forbes (17 Oct, 11)
‘Fracking company – we caused 50 tremors in Blackpool – but we’re not going to stop’ The Independent (3 Nov, 11)

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