Doncopolitan NEEDS YOU! #Doncastersisgreat

Pretty little beasties issue 1 & 2.
Pretty little beasties issue 1 & 2.

Would you like to write for Doncopolitan Magazine? We are currently looking for writers interested in reviewing local events. What’s more is that you will gain entry to venues such as Cast, Diamond Live Lounge, the Leopard and the Dome. Events are limited to two tickets per event so you can bag yourself a date for the night for FREE. Fancy yourself as a music or art critic? Love comedy of film? Then please send us your words and you’ll have the chance to publish your work in print or online. Need some help getting started….
The hardest thing can be 1) Finding the time 2) Putting pen to paper. There’s nothing worse than staring at a blank piece of paper, worrying that you can’t spell. Not all writers are spelling bees. So grab your note book, iPad, tablet, phone whatever the tools of your trade. Create a review and send over to
You never know you might seen in published in a future issue…
Need a few more tips? Here’s a few more pointers….

  • Describe the event/performance venue/location/atmosphere
  • Describe the artist/performer, and the promoter/curator/group behind it
  • Make comparisons with other performances/acts (e.g. for music review, 
compare to other bands/musicians)
  • Crowd response/reception
  • Mention similar upcoming events
  • Be honest but constructive – what was good and what could have been 
  • Why is this review is important to Doncaster and, if relevant, why is it important 
to the country or world as a whole?
  • Create a short punchy title that will draw in the reader.
  • Include your social media contacts if you’re into that shizz.
  • Each review is 300 words, please don’t go over.

All you’ve got to do it email
It’s as easy as that.

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