#DoncasterisGreat and is campaigning to protect our historic buildings…

Almost 500 people have signed up to a new campaign aimed at protecting historic buildings in Doncaster.
In the words of local business owner Julie Buckley:
“More and more buildings in Doncaster are being turned into Bargain Stores, Cash Converters, Bookies and Discount Clothes Stores (Or being knocked down or left to rot).  Along with this comes an influx of gaudy signs ruining some of the beautiful buildings in Doncaster.  Help us to help retain the integrity of these historical monuments by stopping the frontages of buildings being disfigured by these.  If we must have these shops then at least let the signage be more in keeping with the building.  We want our town to be a place that people want to visit as tourists not just by the local bargain hunters.  The photo below shows just one of the many buildings being ruined, this one is directly opposite the Mansion House on Doncasters main street the High Street.
I’ve started this petition as I am tired of seeing our history being demolished or degraded.  Please help us to put a stop to this and bring Doncaster back to the beautiful town it once was”.
Join the petition HERE
We’re interested to here you thoughts. Does Doncaster needed more cheap shops?


  1. christieadams23

    I need cheap shops but why not balance them with art shops etc. many cities are loaning empty shops to artists at low rent. New buildings are needed but balanced with the older architecture.

    1. doncopolitanadmin

      Hi there, yes we agree that people need affordable shops but sometime our historic building could be put to better use.
      Thanks for taking the time to comment. We appreicate your feedback.

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