‘A Day is 1440 Moments’ – By Les Monaghan #doncasterisgreat #1440minutes #lesmonaghan #doncaster creatives

There are 1440 minutes in every day. Each unique moment can never be repeated, yet digital devices that we carry with us can capture and record every instant.

A day is 1440 moments.
A day is 1440 moments.

Doncaster based artist, Les Monaghan would like to call on all Donny photographers, you social-documenters, amateur enthusiasts and professionals, all of you out there who have ever taken a photo, to help him gather images that matter which currently only exist on a digital device. Each image will represent one single moment from a day and together these will be compiled to create a visual portrayal of a day in the life of Doncaster.
Each of the photographs will be printed and placed according to the minute of the day it was taken.They will be displayed in an installation of 1440 prints, measuring 8 metres by 4 metres, at The Point Gallery. The installation opens during the exciting DNweekeND festival, which takes place all aroundDoncaster Town Centre from the 19/06/2015 – 21/06/2015. During this time you can visit theinstallation and watch as the collection of photos unravels to reveal the day.
What we need you to do: In order for this installation to work, we need help from the people of Doncaster. Please send us you’re a digital photograph of a particular moment, along with the minuteit was taken to lesmonaghanphoto@gmail.com, titled 1440. You can also visit the installation and donate photos on the day.

Stories about the photos are welcome.

Send images via email to: lesmonaghanphoto@gmail.com

Or pop in on the day at:

The Point Gallery, 16 South Parade, DN1 2DR

19/06/2015 – 2pm – 4pm

20/06/2015 – 9am – 4pm

21/06/2015 – 12pm – 3.30pm

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