Doncaster's Dog Walks #TheDogsOfDoncaster PART 1 #Doncasterisgreat

I cannot begin to recall the countless times my family have argued over where to walk our dog.

Searching on the internet, trying to find somewhere nice that isn’t too far away, is free to enter and above all, is dog friendly. And by this, I mean where Finn, my 2 year old goldendoodle, can run free and stretch his (very long) legs. Soon, I began to realise, why do we need to travel to find a beautiful spot to spend some time outdoors when there are perfect places to visit right on your doorstep. Here are my top 3 places to get outdoors with your dog in Doncaster.


3. Lakeside village

Most people have heard of Lakeside Village, a small outside shopping centre located near the Keepmoat Stadium, and some will know of the small lake and walk nearby – but you might not know the extent of how beautiful this place really is.

The main path follows parallel to the road to begin with, leading to a little pebbly beach where the swans of the lake swim and walk nearby. If you carry on walking down this path, you will find yourself walking over bridges to small islands in the middle of the water.

There’s parking available on the road and dogs are welcome, preferably on a lead (especially if your dog is uneasy with birds and swans). This is a picturesque area with beautiful views across the water – particularly at sunrise and sunset.

To find directions to Lakeside, go to Lakeside, Google Maps.

Chilling on the pebbly beach at Lakeside

2. Warning Tongue Lane wood

My family fondly refer to this as “the Yorkshire Wildlife wood” due to it being (quite literally) next door to the wildlife park.

With its long and mossy clearings to the sloping paths, Warning Tongue Lane wood is the perfect place for your dog to run.

Tennis balls are easily lost due to the mossy undergrowth (you have been warned!), however prepare yourself for an amazing experience with your furry friend, whatever the weather.

Great for dogs of all shapes and sizes, even larger dogs will find this wood the most exhilirating place to let loose. Dogs off leads are encouraged, so make sure to be careful letting your pup off near the main road.

There is a small turn-off for parking and you may need to pull up near and on bushes and brambles. Don’t let this stop you from visiting such a lovely place that is tucked away in the most obvious of places.

To find directions to Warning Tongue Lane wood, go to Warning Tongue Lane, Google Maps.


1. Melton Woods

And finally, the best place to walk your dog in Doncaster goes to… Melton woods!

If your furry friend enjoys a good long walk, then this is the place for you. What sets it apart from other walks is the wood isn’t thick and dense meaning daylight doesn’t get blocked out, and the long winding paths make you feel as though you could be anywhere in the world.

There’s something different around every corner; one minute you’re walking under a canopy of emerald leaves, the next you’re staring up at the towering trees reaching towards the golden sun.

Your dog will love it too; there are all sorts of smells for your dog to sniff and you’re bound to bump into another friendly dog and owner who will give your pup a proper play.

There’s a little car park outside from the road and your dog deserves to be off lead in this fantastic location.

A couple of pointers:

  1. Sometimes there are hunters shooting guns behind the wood and although they will bring no harm to your dog, they may make him/her jump a bit.
  2. Due to the large trails, horse riding groups may come from time to time but as long as you keep your dog under control, you should all be fine.
  3. Finally, if you are planning to go after a substantial amount of rain, I strongly recommend wearing wellies and bringing a towel to dry your pup’s muddy paws with! All that said, if you do get chance then head down to Melton Woods and trust me, you won’t regret it.

To find directions to Melton Woods, go to Melton Wood, Google Maps.

Having a good run in Melton Woods

And there you have it. The first installment of #TheDogsOfDoncaster. Check back next time for some more about Man’s Best Friend in the Doncaster area!

Photos taken by Jo Brook


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