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Image Take by Nazia Satta
Image Take by Nazia Satta


Hats off to all the #GirlBoss ladies and dudes of Doncaster, read Louise Harrison’s review here and find out how to get involved. 

On Saturday December 5th 2015, from 6.00 pm, Doncaster Women’s Aid, in conjunction with Unite the Community, hosted an event at Clock Corner, Doncaster town centre, to raise awareness about violence against women and girls, also to collect much needed funding for our organisation to help support the valuable work that we do to support these women.

Over 50 people attended ‘Reclaim the Night’ – a national event that is linked to 16 days of action for women’s rights, starting on 25th November through to 10th December. It aims to put the issue of women’s safety on the agenda, to give women a voice and a chance to reclaim the streets at night in a safe and empowering way.

Violence against women and young girls continues to occur every minute of every day and according to the British Crime Survey (2001) there are an estimated 47,000 rapes every year, around 40,000 attempted rapes and over 300,000 sexual assaults. Yet our conviction rate is the lowest it has ever been, one of the lowest in Europe, at only 5.3%.

A recent survey, by the young women’s magazine MORE in 2005, found that 95% of women don’t feel safe on the streets at night, and 65% don’t even feel safe during the day. 73% worry about being raped and almost half say they sometimes don’t want to go out because they fear for their own safety.

With cuts threatening most local Women’s Aid Organisations, Refuges and The Rape Crisis movements in the UK we need to show our public support for women, young girls and the essential women’s services that support them.

‘Reclaim the Night’ campaigns for justice for survivors and spreads the message that no woman is ever to blame for male violence against her.

For more information contact Louise Harrison at Doncaster Women’s Aid or 01302 326411.

Louise Harrison

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