Doncaster's Furry Faces #TheDogsOfDoncaster PART 2 #Doncasterisgreat

For this installment of #TheDogsOfDoncaster, I decided to take a look at the furry friends themselves and the ways they bring the community together. Going out with Finn has opened our family up to a world of people and their pets, who we wouldn’t know if it wasn’t for getting out with the dog. Dogs have been around as pets for centuries, and not only providing company to their owners, but also giving happiness to anyone who meet them. Meeting the dogs below and their owners shows you how there is almost a different community, a canine community, that is all around you and yet without a 4-legged friend, you wouldn’t even know. In this post, I hope to change this, and show you that anyone can find and love this range of dogs in Doncaster, right outside their door.


Sometimes, you may just come across another dog and owner on your daily route, and chances are, it’s their daily route too. It is always nice to meet another owner and your dog will adore making friends with another pup. Take Hamish here, who loved saying hello to Finn.
“Husband and Wife”

Other times, you will have the chance to meet a new furry face, or perhaps two, on your travels. It was truly a pleasure to meet these two marvellous mutts, whose owner, when asked how they are related, simply replied that they were “husband and wife”.


Now, it is always great to discover new furry friends out walking, but as we are in good ol’ Donny, you will probably know your next door neighbours and perhaps even their canine companions. Emo and Pegasus are right up our street (quite literally) and Finn adores having two friends so close to home.

Don’t forget the owners too! The canine community is very tight knit and friendly dogs, such as Kizzy here, will allow you to connect with your friends who have perfect pooches too. You probably didn’t even know that you had a common interest- your dogs.

Many dogs will give you a run for your money and love to leg-it out on the fields. Energetic hounds will give your dogs plenty of exercise if you let them run wild. Finn loved chasing frantically after Frankie, leaving both of them flopping down into the mud and panting their tongues off!

Finally, we must take a look at our own majestic mutts, who open us up to the Doncaster we didn’t know existed. When you have a dog, multitudes of exciting adventures await. Wherever you are, whoever you meet, you are always going to have a good ‘walkies’. After all, these playful pooches are why we meet new friends, discover new places, and have a bit of a runaround!
A big thank you to all of the owners for allowing me to photograph your dogs and a “Woof!” to all of the brilliant pups featured. 

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