It's show time! The Easter Wood Mystery at Cask Corner #DoncasterIsGreat

It’s venues like Cask Corner that smash through the perceptions of what Donny nightlife and pub culture is all about.
So hearing there was something mysterious happening for Easter we though we better check it out.
After the locally acclaimed production of ” Casketeers the Nativity” which brought together local artists and musicians during Christmas, Easter Wood Mystery will once again bring a rabble of local talent together in the name of musical theatre.

“Think Buffy the Vampire Slayer Meets the Famous Five”.

We stuck our snouts in their rehearsal and discovered heart warming power notes from this super talented lady….

Charlotte Leese performing as Vivian

And Cask Corner wouldn’t feel quite right without Donny legends Jim Taplin and Mick Holmes aka Ted and Bitta Von Butt.
We love these cuddlesum blues boyos.

Speaking of Taplin….we heard rumours that there will be tap dancing and we managed to pap the delightful Megan Gascoigne in her tap shoes. Megan can be found working behind the bar when not shining bright on the stage busting some moves.
Tap tap tap tappy feet…..

We also found out that Megan’s little brother is also super talented – expect some prolific keyboard skills from this little dude. We think he’s a #DonnyLegend in the making (check out his T-shirt).
#DonnyLegend -nuff said.

Ken Perkinson of the mighty Mutton Hawks (one of our favourite Donny freak rock bands)   will be starring as “Count Mutton Chops” – nice bit of casting for our Ken – we are suspecting blood or tomato puree. Depending on how well rehearsals go.
Bluesy Steve and fellow Mutton Hawk was snapped grafting hard on his lines…we think he rocks one of the best looks in Donny.
You know rehearsals are getting serious when the director is using her phone for script back up. Don’t worry it’ll  be alright on the night…..may the show go on! Good luck from all us lot at Doncopolitan HQ.
The Easter Wood Mystery is a musical theatre production taking place at Cask Corner Dive Bar 3 Cleveland Street, Doncaster South Yorkshire, Dn1 3EH.On the 3rd of April from 6.00pm Entry is free.

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