We love @DanumHotel and it's #GreatGatsby style cocktail lounge

We couldn’t believe our peepers when we checked out the newly refurbished restaurant and cocktail lounge at the Danum Hotel this week.
First things first, let’s grab a cocktail….

Danum Hotel 4.JPG
It’s Cocktail time….

Welcome to the Merchant Cocktail Bar Doncaster’s answer to a 1920s speakeasy. Open every Friday and Saturday expect old school R&B and hip-hop every saturday and 2-4-1  cocktails every Friday from 6.00pm to 2.00am. Make sure you give the organisers a call to secure a table 07583963278.
Danum 10 .JPG
But never mind the tables this place is all about the lighting….
Danum 14.JPG
Oh, but wait there’s an amazing antique chandelier in the historic ballroom upstairs…
Danum 17.JPG

And then we started getting giddy about the plaster work in this mighty ballroom…Danum 18.JPG
Heading back downstairs we discover the main hotel lounge had a contemporary face-lift recently themed around horse racing that the Grand St Leger.
Clip, Clop, Clip,  Clop, Neeeiighhh…………..
Not forgetting another sublime light fixture and this unique horsey wall paper.
Danum 21.JPGIf you love this interior as much as we do why not pop in for a cocktail or a coffee? Send us a #Doncogram if you do!



Tel : (+44)1302/342261 – Fax : (+44)1302/329034


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