World-class Art Exhibitions come to Doncaster on the big screen at Cast

Famous artworks and the stories behind them came to Doncaster when EXHIBITION ON SCREEN launched at Cast with Goya: Visions of Flesh and Blood on Sunday 15 May,  with Renoir on Sunday 12 June and Painting the Modern Garden on Sunday 3 July soon to come.

EXHIBITION ON SCREEN by award-winning arts documentary maker Phil Grabsky & Seventh Art has already delighted art lovers in more than 40 countries across the world, and bringing the exhibits to Doncaster and audiences who may not have otherwise had the opportunity to enjoy them.

Exhibition On Screen also acts as a complementary extension to a gallery visit, immersing the viewer in artwork up close, analysing works not included in each exhibition and  providing illuminating historical and critical context.

Self portrait in his studio, Francisco de Goya

Goya – Visions of Flesh and Blood (Sunday 15 May, 7pm) brought the dramatic life and extraordinary artistry of Francisco Goya to the big screen for the first time. As well as providing unrestricted access to the landmark exhibition Goya: The Portraits at the National Gallery, the feature-length film built a compelling portrait of Spain’s most celebrated artist through insights from international experts, masterpieces from renowned collections and visits to the locations in which he lived and worked.

Baigneuse (Bather), Renoir

Following the success of this once-in-a-lifetime show comes Renoir – Revered and Reviled  (Sunday 12 June, 7pm) which will give local audiences the opportunity to see extraordinary artworks collected at the Barnes Foundation in Philadelphia, home to the largest Renoir collection in the world, which have never before travelled to the UK and are never loaned.

The film will grant completely unrestricted access to the unique collection amassed by Dr. Albert C. Barnes, who admired Renoir above all other artists. This unrivalled collection of 181 Renoir works, largely paintings from his ‘late period’, will promote a fresh look at one of the 20th century’s greatest artists, and help to explore why Renoir has polarised opinion for over 100 years.

The film includes interviews with leading art critics from the New York Times and the Washington Post, internationally renowned scholars and several artists, as well as uncovering the rarely told story of his artistic reinvention after he rejected the Impressionist movement that had earned him widespread critical acclaim. It will explore the profound implications for two artistic greats of the 20th century: Picasso and Matisse, and debate if Renoir was a self-indulgent fantasist or was Matisse right to declare his voluptuous female figures “the loveliest nudes ever painted”?

The Artist’s Garden in Argenteuil


Painting the Modern Garden: Monet to Matisse (Sunday 3 July, 7pm) will explore the intriguing relationship between the world’s greatest artists and horticulture. The film will transport viewers across Europe to some of the most beautiful gardens depicted in art, from Monet’s water lilies at Giverny to Bonnard’s privately owned garden in Vernonnet.

The behind-the-scenes visits to these stunning landscapes provides an essential backdrop to the artworks they inspired, on display at the Royal Academy, and examines the role of the garden in art history from Impressionism to the Avant-Garde. Audiences will be able to appreciate the natural beauty from which painters such as Liebermann, Sorolla and Nolde worked, and discover how these inspiring surroundings translated onto the canvas. Fresh insights from international gardening experts and art critics bring the history of the garden’s relationship with art to life. Interviews with renowned modern artists Lachlan Goudie and Tania Kovats will also reveal how the relationship between the artist and the natural world continues to flourish in the 21st century.

Tickets for each of the Exhibition on Screen events are £5,  available on 01302 303 959 or by visiting

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