Vinyl Icon's by DIY Musician Karl Scott

Karl Scott is a Doncaster-born travelling DIY singer-songwriter and artist who can be found performing at venues such as Cask Corner, Mason’s Arms, Rum Rooms and Vintage. Alongside being a staple of the Doncaster music scene, Karl often travels across Europe and in particular Germany, where he has become a mainstay of the house concert scene. Karl’s music and art is based on an upcycling philosophy, whereby he uses materials around him to create his work. Last year he used past copies of Doncopolitan as covers for his EP, Locating Life. His other projects have included transforming juice cartons into useable and useful purses and recording in derelict buildings for their natural acoustics. Vinyl Icons pays homage to the great and good of the music world, whist upcycling vinyl which would otherwise end up in landfill.
You can check out Karl’s latest creations at Vintage on Silver Street.

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