Sunflowers & Seed Bombs: Greenjacking In Doncaster

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This weekend some of the Doncopolitan editorial team joined our old friend the Greenjacker for a spot of Guerilla Gardening. We took some of our seed bombs – which will soon be available to purchase from the Doncopolitan shop – and some sunflower saplings we had been growing in the window of Doncopolitan HQ down on Copley Road.
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We found a lovely (albeit for now, secret…) little spot in the Hyde Park area which was in need of a a bit of TLC, so we began to brighten things up with some sunflowers and wild-meadow seed bombs.
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They don’t look much at the moment, but hopefully with a little care and additional watering we’ll have something pretty to show you in a few weeks time.
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In the meantime why not get out there yourselves and tidy up some neglected wasteland near where you live?
Seeds, compost and plant-pots are a really cheap and rewarding way to help you and your friends & family to start living the good (green) life. It wouldn’t take much effort to transform that ugly little litter-collecting dump on the corner of your street. Or that plastic-filled roadside verge which encourages people to throw even more litter. As the gangsta gardener, Ron Finley, famously said:

“Gardening is the most therapeutic and defiant act you can do…  plus you get strawberries!”

And if you plant food rather than flowers the results are even more beneficial. You can eat the street and save yourself a few quid in the process. Or as Ron also says:

“Growing your own food is like printing your own money.”

So come on, get planting!
If you don’t know where to start drop us an email and we’ll even put you in touch with the elusive Greenjacker 😉

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