Doncaster's Award Winning Aspergers Youth Club…

The Aspergers Youth Club (AYC) is a social group that provides a unique and welcoming environment for young people with high functioning autism. Situated in the Intake Children’s Centre, the group helps young people who otherwise find it difficult to develop their social skills in the standard school environment. Attending AYC their young people build confidence and make friends.
The centre provides arts and crafts, video games, various boardgames and even it’s own mini tuck shop. Regular trips and events, including a variety of coach trips, meals out, and even the occasional spot of bowling.
The group is managed by Karena Collins and a handful of other inspiring parents and volunteers, who support both AYC attendees and their parents alike. In recent years this has even led to a specific group for parents, where they can share experiences and offer advise for each other.
Autism awareness has increased considerably recently, opening a lot of peoples eyes and a greater understanding of the specialised care and support needed for autistic young people. Every form of Aspergers is different, with every person affected by it having different traits. However the AYC still remains the only group of its kind in the Doncaster area.
The groups recognition continues to grow by word of mouth, some media coverage, and nominations to various community awards. The number of members continues to expand, with visitors and new parents appearing through the door almost on a weekly basis.
The group is a non-profit organization, and has received kind donations for funding from various sources in the past, alongside the group’s own fund raisers. The AYC has received nominations for awards in previous years, alongside being nominated for the Duke of York Community Initiative Award in 2014, and the High Sheriff of Sheffield Award.
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