5 things you need to know about Little Theatre

Doncopolitan spoke to Dan Hodson, House manager at Little Theatre about everything the venue can offer Doncolites. 

1. It is entirely voluntarily run
“We run on funding and mostly the shows and external companies which hire us out.”
Anyone from the community can get involved—either by taking part in productions or helping run the place—if they just fancy helping on the bar, front of house or technical stuff, they can come along and become a member and help keep the place running.”
The next show being put on is the musical Anything Goes. 
2. It’s a converted tile factory
The theatre was converted from a tile factory 21 years ago.
“Back in the day, the Literary Society got together and they were doing shows in the Civic theatre and one year they decided they wanted their own theatre and they figured out they could afford to run their own building instead of hiring one.”
3. It really is little, seating 99, but it packs a big punch
Little Theatre runs around 12 shows a year.
The venue is a lot smaller than the other theatre in Donny, Cast, but Dan believes the two work together well, offering different kinds of shows.
“Cast is purely touring companies and a lot more shows than we have. We have touring ones as well—on a little scale and we have local groups as well—so dance groups, youth groups etc that come in and do little productions in here. Lots of groups can’t afford to hire a big venue out so we help the community a lot.”
“There’s a lot going on in Doncaster and we love to be a part of it so it’s not just theatre—we’ll have music on and anything arts related. We’re a theatre for all basically.”
4. Little Theatre offers lots of workshops
Once a month on a Monday, Little Theatre has open evenings.
“We’ll have little workshops on and things for anyone that fancies it. We do technical workshops and acting workshops so people come along to that and people can sign up as a member and we ask them what they can do, and what they can commit to and how much they can help us.”
‘Young Lit’ is also offered, providing workshops and shows for anyone that is under 18.
5. Volunteers at Little Theatre have gone on to the West End 
“We’re here to train people. A lot of people who act and are from Doncaster, started here. We have had people go onto the West End from here.”

Address: 1 King Street, off East Laith Gate, Doncaster DN1 1JD


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