Gig guide: Donny Monster 3.5 Punk Metal Mayhem at Flying Scotsman Tap…

Doncopolitan talks to John Chels who’s set on keeping the 1970s sub-culture movement alive. His next event Donny Monster 3.5 will be at the Flying Scotsman Tap and is part of the national We Shall Over Come whereby musicians across the country are hosting events across to protest against austerity and raise funds for deserving local causes.
DonnyMonster 3.5 WSO
What’s the Donny Punk scene all about?
Friends new and old that want to keep the Punk scene alive and kicking, from all points of view including old school and new wave. I help promote the latest bunch of Punk bands and try to encourage younger people and new bands into the scene – which is what I personally, along with my own band Das Abyss, are looking to do more of  next year .
How long have you been a Punk?
The answer is really since its beginnings right up to the present day. Which I suppose would mean around 1976 – when I would have been just sweet sixteen ha ha.
Who’s playing the gig? At the Flying Scotsman Tap on the 9th of September ?
Numb Youth, Mad Foxes, Biophony, Das Abyss and, headlining from Manchester, a very lively entertaining metal band called Cain. Oh and not forgetting the crazy world of SPAK TV. My co-host Alan Morgan’s creation.
Meet Alan Morgan aka Mogzi founder of SPAK.
Why should Doncopolitan’s readers come down?
There will be some great raffle prizes from the bands, some generously donated by Steve Griffin, the landlord of the Flying Scotsman Tap. As this event is part of the nation wide WSO [We Shall Overcome] appeal, there will also be T-shirts available to mark the two local events we are holding – the other being at the Hallcross in October.
I would just like to thank all the bands and the two venue’s who have supported us in putting these shows on and let’s hope together we show that the people of Doncaster do care about people’s suffering, which is why all donations from both shows will be going to the Doncaster branch of SAHA [Salvation Army Housing Association].
What’s this crazy punk puppet show SPAK (sic) all about?
At this stage I don’t know much about crazy Alan Morgan and his puppets, all I know is that it will be entertaining. Probably best to ask him.
Spak jpg
Welcome to the strange and entertaining world of SPAK TV
Donny Monster will take place at the Flying Scotsman Tap on Silver Street in Doncaster Town Centre.  The venue has a wide selection of Real Ales supplied by the Rotherham based Chantry Brewery. Don’t miss this brilliant local Punk event. Email a review over to or tag #Doncogram.
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