3 reasons not to miss Clash of Drums on Friday night

Listen up Doncolites, this Friday at 8pm outside Cast there will an explosive and thrilling outdoor FREE spectacular like nothing Doncaster has ever seen before! Will you be there?

Reason 1
Out of nowhere, two rival tribes of drummers will march around outside Cast. They will weave between the crowds before they clash in a collision of furious drumming, frantic movement, hypnotic chanting and fire.

Reason 2

Did you go to Cast’s outdoor event Colour of Time last year? If you did, well done you, you’ll remember the crazy amount of fun everyone had throwing paint around at each other in the sun in the Donny. So you have no excuse to miss out on a drum and firework extravaganza this year. If you did miss out on Colour of Time, make sure you don’t miss out on Clash of Drums this year!

Reason 3
Did we mention that Clash of Drums is completely FREE. Do not miss out on this once in a lifetime event in Donny!

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