Frank Turner: The Interview

After Frank Turner agreed to have a face to face with Doncopolitan, we were heartbroken that work commitments scuppered that opportunity. However, being the true gentleman that he is, Frank agreed to answer any questions we wanted to email over to him. Here are the results:
Frank Turner live - May 2016 credit Lotte Schrander.jpg
How was your first gig in Doncaster?
It was great thanks. It’s surprising to me that there are still cities I haven’t played in the UK now, given how much touring I’ve done here. I felt a bit bad for not having come through before, but it was a great show, so hopefully me and Doncaster are friends now.
Having lived in their home town of Winnipeg in the past, I have always been a big fan of The Weakerthans. You have played with John Sansom (lead singer) before, is there any chance of that happening again, either live or on record?
John is actually opening for me for a few shows on the West Coast of the USA in January. He’s a tough guy to pin down, very much keeps to his own schedule, but hopefully this might encourage him to join me for some more stuff. My door is always open for him!

You are coming up to your 2000th gig. Do you have anything special planned?
We are playing Rock City, my favourite venue, which is pretty special for me. Other than that, we are documenting the show, it’s important for me to capture what the Sleeping Souls and I are doing right now properly, for posterity. The supports are special too – Beans On Toast, of course, but also The Tailors, my favourite band of a decade ago, who are reforming for this gig.
Tell us about the documentary you have coming out?
Ben Morse is a close friend who’s been on the road with us as a photographer before. He pitched an idea of documenting a year in my life, the man who “never stops” or whatever. Seemed like a cool plan, so we started filming. About a month in, everything ground to a halt because of an argument about the making of the album “Positive Songs..” with my label, which then fed into things getting pretty dark in my personal life. Ben kept filming, so we’ve ended up with a film about a year in crisis, kind of. It’s pretty nerve-wracking for me to watch, but I think people will enjoy it.

If you could only play one of your albums live for the rest of your career which one would it be?
That’s a pretty impossible question for me. Each one represents a time in my life, and each has their moments and their failings. I’d be tempted to say “the most recent one” but I’m not sure that’s really right.

What is next for Frank Turner and the Sleeping Souls?
We’re touring through til the end of next summer right now. Then we’ll be working on a new record.

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