Bang Bang Romeo @Sheffield Plug

Doncaster’s Bang Bang Romeo have had a hell of a year.
Airplay on national radio has coincided with playing loads of the big festivals and they were seeing out the year supporting Wigan heroes Starsailor.
I have seen BBR twice before and had a great time but I have to say, in the 12 months or so since I last saw them they have come on leaps and bounds as a live act. Playing at the Isle of Wight and Leeds Festival has obviously allowed them to hone their skills in front of a large audience and frontwoman Anastasia Walker has become even more of an imposing presence as a result of this. ‘The Maze’ kicks things off at Sheffield’s Plug and you can see people who haven’t heard the band before immediately take notice. Nobody is expecting such a polished sound from a band third on the bill and Stasi’s voice is awesome to behold as always. It is ‘We Wear Our Bones’ and particularly a storming  ‘Johannesburg’ that really gets things going though. From there it’s nothing but killer as the catchy chorus to ‘Adore Me’ has the crowd singing along and an emotional ‘Runaway’ is as affecting as anything that Starsailor will play later in the evening.
All the while Stasi prowls the stage that she owns imploring the crowd to come closer, sing along or start clapping. They are happy to oblige her. ‘Chemical’ and ‘Invitation’ close things out and the latter has become a monster set closer complete with strong backing vocals from guitarist Ross Cameron and bassist Joel Phillips. Drummer Richard Gartland completes the line up and not one of them leaves anything on the stage in a pummelling, all conquering set. A few minutes after they have finished, with Stasi’s voice still ringing in my ears, I hear someone in a Starsailor t-shirt whistling the chorus to ‘Invitation’ in the gents toilet. Another convert then…
Starsailor were excellent of course and for my full review of their set click here. It is refreshing to see one band on their way up and another on their way back and both playing as if their lives depended on it. This is what music should always be about.

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