CATHY – a Riches to Rags story. Reviewed by Emma Gullon

This retelling of Ken Loach’s iconic Cathy Come Home is still relevant today. Cathy is a gritty, modern and scarily realistic tale of the rise of housing costs and its consequences.
Written by award winning playwright Ali Taylor, Cardboard Citizens did a phenomenal job of bringing this harsh reality to light.
One thing that stood out for me in particular was that each actor changed the scenery constantly to keep up the frantic pace. I found this beautifully ironic, as while they helped each other out, their characters did not help Cathy at all. However, this all changed when the audience participated in the Forum Theatre workshop and altered the outcome for Cathy and her daughter which was both entertaining and thought provoking.
Cathy’s main message in my opinion is that much like the Jenga set/projection screen used onstage, one false move and the game can change forever. Stunning.

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