Heaven's Walk- Doncaster's War Within The War. Reviewed by Emma Gullon

JKL brought the brand new play Heaven’s Walk to life spectacularly. Written by Richard Cameron this is a true story about two Doncaster families torn apart by one of their own refusing to serve his country, as well as the traumatic events of The First World War overall.
The characterisation of the cast was superb. It was very hard to tell who to empathise with, who to be angry with etc. This subtlety created a third conflict within the audience and emphasizes there were no real victors in this brutal period of our history. The simplistic scenery had all the locations of the play in one place; trees and bushes were at the front of the space and “homely” comforts were at the backdrop. I was this as a metaphor for soldiers and the protagonist-¬† home was always¬† in the back of their minds.
Heaven’s Walk is a must see for the Doncaster community- a local story by a local writer on a war that affected everything it touched.
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Photo credit goes to Maisie Lovett Photography.

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