TWO MAN SHOW- A exploration of Identity Without Labels. Reviewed by Emma Gullon.

When go you into a new show, I find it best to enter the theatre not knowing what you’re about to witness. Therefore the message and experience comes as a surprise, often in a good way. TWO MAN has proven to be a great example of this theory.


RASHDASH used contemporary theatre practice, physical theatre, spoken word and comedy to explore the ‘differences’ between man and woman. The split narrative kept the audience on their toes, and the transitions between the genders were effortless. The large amount of time they spent in various states of undress was bold and poignant too. To me this really drove home that regardless of sex, mannerisms dress sense etc. everyone is allowed to be different.
In a time when identity and the right to be individuals is being severely challenged, TWO MAN SHOW adds to an ongoing rebellion that is constantly fighting to make its voice heard.

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