Spilikin- A Love Story. Performing @CAST second space Doncaster 22nd February

Pipeline Theatre bring a unique and heartbreaking production to CAST, Doncaster. Spilikin A Love Story is an Edinburgh Fringe winning  tale of love, loss and memory.
Sally and Raymond have been together since the ’70s, despite being polar opposites. Now fifty years later, Sally has Alzheimer’s and Raymond lost his battle with an illness which made him “a spilikin”. But before he passed away, he made Sally a robot, uploaded with memories of the time they spent together to keep her company. But as Sally’s condition worsens, will this new companionship become more threatening?
This funny, sad and ground breaking play will leave you with bitter sweet emotions and show the differences and comparisons between love and technology. There will also be a post show discussion with the robot straight after the show.
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