All The Little Lights- A beacon of hope for the Vulnerable. Reviewed by Emma Gullon.

esc_2318From the news to soap story lines, sexual grooming is being thrown into the public eye, in the hope of raising awareness of its horrific consequences and give more help to the victims. Fifth Word’s new play All The Little Lights is another way the arts has successfully proved this.
The story of three girls celebrating one of their birthdays on an open train track starts as a dark comedy as they act like normal teenagers. However, their mannerisms constantly change over the course of the hour long play, particularly with the eldest character, Joanne as her ulterior motives are made horribly clear. This combined with the ever present track which they stand on every time a train approaches made the story uncomfortable to watch, yet you can’t help but stay transfixed to the stage.atllAll The Little Lights is an extraordinary, brave and shockingly real production that must be seen.The issue it raises will stay with you, as it should, so more can be done to try and make it stop.
To buy tickets for tonight’s show (17th February) Click HERE

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