International Women's Day…

Every person – women, men and non-binary people – can play a part in helping drive better outcomes for women. Through meaningful celebration and targeted bold action, we can all be responsive and responsible leaders in creating a more gender inclusive world. The World Economic Forum predicts the gender gap won’t close entirely until 2186. This is too long to wait. So around the world, International Women’s Day provides an important opportunity for ground breaking action that can truly drive greater change for women.
2017 marks a very profound year in terms of gender equality in our town’s ‘herstory’, we’ve got many female leaders shaking up the fabric of our town. At Doncopolitan we admire and support brilliant independent #Girlbosses, (we even dedicated issue 6 to these fine creatures), from Liz at Knit and Stitch, Julie at Cask Corner, Jackie at the Mason’s Arms, Rachel at Reckage and Ruth at Limited to Art in Bawtry. Women are leading in Doncaster, supported by brilliant teams of men too.
2016 sore women activist and men form the Women’s Lives Matter campaign to protect domestic violence services, Louise Harrison a Doncaster based activists who works with women who have experienced domestic violence spoke out national to thousands of viewers about the harsh cuts to vital public services, which have affected many families in Doncaster.
Doncaster has always been a town where women having fought to improve their community and way of life. The Suffragettes of Doncaster were  pivotal to the movement. In the 1980s 100s of Women run soup kitchens supporting many families without food. Jen Dewsnap and the brilliant Doncaster Pride committee work tirelessly to support Doncaster’s LGBTQ community, from youth projects, advocacy work, the group volunteer hundreds of hours resulting in one of Doncaster’s most popular events which attracts 10,000 people.
Be Bold for Change will take place in the Corn Exchange at Doncaster Market, with awesome speakers, live music and 20 stalls.
Let’s celebrate Women in Doncaster, hear their stories, remember those from our town’s past and find out why Women and Men in Doncaster are bold for change in 2017.
If you are interested in hosting a stall at the event, showcase what you do and an artist or organisation please feel free to get in touch. 07808665988.

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