Crime and Punishment- Complex yet Relevant. Written by Emma Gullon.

JKL Youth Theatre have always been able to perform plays with very adult subject matter in an astounding way. Crime and Punishment is a prime example.
Based on the classic novel by Fyodor Dostoyevsky, the cast were able to pull this thought provoking and very dark tale of poverty, murder and madness. All of the ensemble did a stellar job of adding to the tension, but I have to tip my hat to the anti-hero Rodion  Raskolnikov, played by Levi Payne. The character goes from zero to god complex within the first fifteen minutes of the play, and his ability to carry out internal monologues while acting like he can see the audience while wrestling with his morality was both terrifying and mesmerising to watch. The set also had a major contribution to the play’s success- while they were big pieces such as a large door and gravestone, it was still easy for the cast to work with and around the set and adding it to the massive story line.
Crime and Punishment  is an amazing showcase of talent and it’s clear that these young actors clearly have a great future ahead of them.
To buy tickets for tonight’s show (25th February) Click HERE

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