What's on the menu at International Women's Day….

We realise some people will be busy during the day and wont be able to attend the full event. But if you can, speakers have 5-10 minutes to share a story from their past and why they intend to be bold for change in 2017.
In between speakers we’ve got live music from musicians promoted by Julie Buckley at Cask Corner and soul music from DJ Prim&Proper aka Lorraine Slack.
10.30am – Welcome from me (Rach Horne) and Jen Dewsnap one of the coordinators of Doncaster Pride.
11.00am Doncaster 1914-1918 find out more about this local heritage project and learn about the lives of Women during this time in Doncaster.
11.30am Jo Miller DMBC Chief Executive and Ros Jones
12.00pm Pat Haygen – helping and supporting those with complex lives in Doncaster.
12.30pm – 1.00pm live busking, female musicians from Cask Corner
1.00pm Violet Cannon & Paula Nicholson from Proud Gypsy Traveller Project
2.00pm Nazia Sattar from Young Muslimah’s & Fiona Cahill Real Junk Food Project
2.30pm Doncaster Women’s Aid and Women’s Lives Matter Campaigners with Louise Harrison.
Here’s a few people who will be attending the event…
Young Muslimah’s 
Group of young women empowered through learning, and working together to make a difference. Nazia Sattar is a brilliant young women and coordinator of the group, she will also be speaking at the event.
John Fuller & Rod Jackson photography booth 
Brilliant opportunity to get your portrait taken by John Fuller or Rod Jackson who’s work is often featured in Doncopolitan Magazine.
For anymore information on the event call 07808665988 or email doncopolitan@gmail.com

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