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If you’ve been keeping up with our Facebook live videos you’ll know that at the start of 2017 we had some big news.
Doncopolitan is working in partnership with Right Up Our Street to cultivate a year round Town Centre ecology of arts and cultural events, working closely with and for our diverse communities.
So what is Right Up Our Street?
Right Up Our Street is a Doncaster project that brings the local community and the arts together. Part of the national project ‘Creative People & Places’ Doncaster brought together consortium partners darts (Doncaster Community Arts), Cast, Doncaster Culture & Leisure Trust (DCLT) and Doncaster Voluntary Arts Network (DVAN) to make ambitious creative work happen in community across Doncaster since 2013.
What’s #TeamDonco
Working with Doncopolitan over 2017 and some of 2018 the team will be supported to develop creative ideas and events in the Town Centre whilst also steering ideas and projects for the DnweekeND, which will talk place on the 8th– 10th of September in 2017. Andrew Loretto Creative Producer hopes to see the DNweekeND become a legacy event for the town and take place every year as part of the St Leger Festival.
DNweekeND will commission local, regional and national artists to develop ambitious creative work to showcase at the event. The application for this is really simple and can be found HERE. If you’re a interested in developing a project for the DNweekeND or would like to get a creative idea off the ground in the town centre get and we’ll support you ideas
What we talked about in our last #TeamDonco Meeting?
Doncaster is finally getting an arts calendar and we love supporting these types of event as they bring lots of cashola into our local economy. Tramlines in Sheffield is a brilliant example it brings £3million to the City.  We want more brilliant events in our town centre. 
Who Came along?
Emma Gullon- Intern and Theatre Writer for The Doncopolitan. Here she is looking sharp at International Women’s Day. 
17201409_1383983281651892_227325368300735296_n.jpgEmma is a Theatre graduate from York St John University, originally from Doncaster. She enjoys being on stage and off and has taken part in  various local theatre productions. Emma is the new intern for The Doncapolitan and written advertisements, promos and reviews for theatre productions in Doncaster. Her focus is the second space at CAST theatre and is even writing an article for the magazine to promote it. Emma also has her own blog Curious Theatre Reviews where she also showcases her work for The Doncopolitan as well as looking at theatre around Yorkshire in general.
Craig Hallam – Steampunk wordsmith. 
Craig is a well-respected local author on the national Steampunk scene.  He helped coordinate the first two Steampunk festivals that took place in Doncaster a few years back. We know from talking to a few different residents and also the My Doncaster Team at DMBC that everyone think as Doncaster’s should be the host of an annual Steampunk festival. Especially as Donny is the home of the famous steam engine the Flying Scotsman.  Here’s Craig’s article from the latest Doncopolitan.
Nick Boruk -designer and street art legend. 
Nick is a graphic designer and artist behind Blok Heds. Nick spoke about the idea of creating a town centre shop for local artist maybe at Frenchgate Centre. Nick expressed  how difficult it is for local artists to develop their artwork in Doncaster post degree level and that a pop-up shop project at Frenchgate Centre or Waterdale could help students think about making their work more commercial. We’ll help to link Nick up with Frenchgate Centre, Waterdale and The Markets team to see if this is something that could be developed.  Nick is also keen to see more street art in Doncaster and we’re currently talking to DMBC about commissioning street art for the hoardings outside the Corn Exchange, if you’re a street artist/muralist get in touch.
Tammy – Our fav heritage geek. 
Tammy’s or favourite Science Teacher at (Rigi School, that’s Ridgewood for those not family with the local lingo). Tammy is also a history Junkie too. And is looking to develop new and creative ways to explore Doncaster incredible and ancient histories. 
Josie Bowerman – wordsmith lady legend. 
Josie is passionate about words, she’s recently just been accepted onto a PDF too to explore them ever more. Josie loves to write and you can read her article Bricks By Brick in the latest Doncopolitan. 
Shane Peagram
You might have seen Shane’s photography featured on numerous occasions in Doncopolitan. Our fav has to been Adam Croft the Gold Smiths from Woodlands. Shane working with us on developing a bi- monthly photography workshop, where people will get the chance to learn photography hacks.
John Fuller – The Video Guy
Over the last 5 years John has documented many of Doncaster’s arts and culture events. He is a life long friend of Doncopolitan and helps to run our YouTube Channel whilst documenting local events. John’s looking forwards to capturing the DNweekeND. 
You don’t have to be an artist to join the town centre team in fact we are looking for anyone in the DN1/DN2 area that’s up for getting involved in making creative events happen in the town centre.

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