Calling Planet Earth….

 Taken from Doncopolitan Issue 22 by C. Manga

The first New Weird Planet microfest came and went like a fever-dream in a stir of echoes and shadowy luminescence. It was by invite only. Many came, others were wary and kept away. It was a mysterious event and folk around these parts have been talking about it ever since. An event that celebrates weird, warped, wonky music and off-kilter arts is a rare thing in this town of closed pits, bars and coffee shops.
NWP’s origins centre around a little radio show on Donny’s SineFM, named thus with the microfest in mind. Similar art nights abound up north – Golden Cabinet, Weird Garden, Audacious Art Experiment, MADE – but this was always going to be slightly different, with a broader sense of genre-bending.
So just what went down at the first New Weird Planet Microfest v1.1? What did you miss? Humblest heartfelt sympathy for those who missed this milestone in Donny’s musical history, but that’s gone.

What’s that phrase? ‘Back by popular demand’? New Weird Planet’s sophomore effort is here for all of you who missed it last time, bigger, better and wonkier.
We still have inventors of sonic machines (who’ve since annoyed judges on Britain’s Got Talent), home-built percussive robots, and red-bearded men defacing cine8 film loops with sandpaper, sharpies and fire to glitch electronica. But this time round we also have themes: imaginary puppet shows; 25-piece anti-choirs; exploratory pedal-shaped drone folk and spiritual psyche cosmiche; shadowplay and fan-wafted aromatic poetry readings; spooky incidental music from Haunted DJs; distortion-addled beats; caterwauling echoes and overdriven sounds from A Girl Named Pink from Bradford – all in a very unusual ARTful office space.

Sepia, indeed, is the colour of these rooms, echoed in the limited-edition prints available on the night.

It happens on Friday 24th March, 7:30pm at DoncopolitanHQ, costs only the price of a decent pint (£3.50 advance tickets on Eventbrite whilst stocks last, or a fiver on the door.
It threatens to be an unmissable, very quirky night of memorable moments. Be there or regret it for the rest of your plain, earthbound life.


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