The Last Seam

Thirty two years since the miner’s strike, the people of Doncaster still feel the pain of its consequences. Writer Garry Lyons (The Bill, Heartbeat and The Worst Witch) has teamed up with the local community of Stainforth and Dunscroft to create The Last Seam. This is the true story of the closing of Hatfield Colliery, and the impact it has had on the mining communities.Starting in the 70’s and working up to the present day, this play will show the lives and stories of families involved in the end of an era for Doncaster.the last seam
As part of the creative process, Garry has interviewed some of the Stainforth and Dunscroft villagers, a mining community on the outskirts of Hatfield, and has used transcripts of their stories as material. This show could be performed anywhere and audiences will relate to it, especially with the miner’s strike recently being thrust back into the media!
The Last Seam is a new play that is being created for the people of Doncaster with the people of Doncaster, and will spread their experiences in the miner’s strike to a wide audience!
The Last Seam receives its first public reading at CAST, Doncaster on Thursday 6th April. Tickets are £5 can be purchased by clicking HERE

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