Life's Short Take It Slow….Introducing #SlowdownSunday

As you know at Doncopolitan we love food. We’re always celebrating Doncaster’s hidden food cultures and want Doncaster to become nationally known as a food loving place to live.
You might be surprised to hear Doncaster has more people in working in the food industry than any other sector. This year we’re working with Right Up Your Street, DMBC on Delicious Doncaster,  on the 12th, 13th and 14th of May Delicious Doncaster will bring together our much loved producers from the local area as well as the Yorkshire region.
We’ve been asked to help co-ordinate the Sunday of the festival, so here’s the big concept written by our favourite wordsmith Warren Draper co-editor at Doncopolitan and Project Manager at Bentley Urban Farm. He also very proud of his radishes.

Bentley Urban Farm .jpg
Warren at Bentley Urban Farm

Back in May 2005, issue 8 of Doncaster’s Doncopolitan magazine focused on the slow movement and how it could help build a resilient and sustainable local economy in Doncaster.  Slow principles focus on local, small-scale enterprise and artisan production. The Slow Food movement has shown that you don’t have to be big to be successful and that a commitment to quality and distinction can be highly rewarding. As Carl Honoré, author of In Praise Of Slow (Orion Books, 2004) observed:
“Across the world, food makers of all stripes are proving that small and slow are not only beautiful, but profitable too. Fifteen years ago, for instance, two large companies, Miller and Busch, dominated the US beer market. Today fifteen hundred craft breweries make beer following Slow Food Principles.”
Doncopolitan Slow Issue Cover .png
We’ve seen a reflection of this process in Doncaster too with the emergence of popular local companies such as Doncaster Brewery Tap and the Marketplace Alehouse & Deli. But it isn’t just local beer companies, or even the local food economy, which can benefit from the principles of the Slow Movement, the pages of the Doncopolitan are filled with local entrepreneurs, artisans, artists and creatives who are making a difference whilst making money. Not only are they successful in their own right, they also work closely together to ensure the success of the local economy in Doncaster. Delicious Doncaster Slowdown Sunday intends to celebrate these people and inspire others in Doncaster to follow their lead.
Sicculuna’s Deli taken by Warren Draper

In keeping with the rest of the Delicious Doncaster festival we will showcase local foodies and give a platform to the wonderful world food which is now readily available in our town, with samples from the great food businesses who have started in Doncaster in recent years, and in keeping with the Folk Festival we will showcase world folk music to reflect the diversity of food cultures which we can now enjoy. 
But the emphasis won’t be solely on those people who have already built their own careers and businesses, we want to inspire others in Doncaster to do the same. We want to show that change is within everyone’s reach; whether that be starting your own business or simply saving money by leading a more creative, less wasteful life. So in keeping with our other projects Slowdown Sunday will have a very DIY, grassroots, up-cycled feel.
In keeping with the DIY theme we will also use Slowdown Sunday as a platform for talented artists to showcase what they do. Our small outdoor stage will be used for our world folk performances and as an open-mic performance area for live music; the Corn Exchange will offer an indoor space for talks, demonstrations and workshops.  
The Pixie’s famous ‘Cosmic Yurt’ will act as a third, more relaxed, performance and workshop space, giving plenty of opportunity for people to show Doncaster what they can do.
Pixies Cosmic Yurt
Slowdown Sunday will take place on Sunday 14th May from 11.00am – 9.00pm at Doncaster Marketplace and the Corn Exchange.
If you are interested in getting involved please contact

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