'Steampunk Success' by Craig Hallam

Huzzah! The Steampunk event at the Mansion House was a roaring triumph for the future of Doncaster events.
With a collaboration between the Doncaster town council, Doncopolitan, and the White Rose Yorkshire Steampunks group, an amazing event unfolded on a sunny Saturday morning. Traders arrived early with wares ranging from Victorian-style clothing to hand-made gadgets for the discerning time-traveller or adventurer (plus myself representing the literary traditions of the expanding subgenre), and filled the upper rooms of the spectacular local building. Beneath the chandeliers, music and entertainment from 1940s songstress Harri Deane and the bardic Captain of the Lost Waves wove the day together with the essential Tea Duelling games becoming a biscuit-dunking hit.

All the gear you’ll ever need for a steampunk adventure except for the steam itself.

But it wasn’t just for the suited, booted and bonneted Steampunks in their spectacular outfits. The free-to-enter event saw curious local visitors welcomed inside the incredible old building to see what was going on, many leaving with a fun new genre that they could enjoy. I think we might have even had some folks buy their outfits all ready for next year.
The Doncaster events calendar used to be a fluttering candle at best, held together by a few local enthusiasts holding craft fairs, music events and open mics; now it’s a firework display of such variety and scope that the mind runs riot with the possibilities.
It goes to show what can be done around Doncaster when we pull together. With the support of the town council and the great ideas of local people, Doncopolitan Magazine has become a rallying point for the local imagination. Thinking of hosting a food festival? They know who to talk to. Want to hold an event showcasing the weird and wonderful world of Victorian Science Fiction? They’ll make it happen. Good causes, the arts, sports and music; every element of fun and frolics are being represented in our home town right now. This Steampunk event is just the beginning. If we can visit the past, imagine what we can do in the future.

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