What are John Merrick’s Remains?

Local duo Bob and Jools, aka John Merrick’s Remains, have been described as gothic, electro-rock – when performing they both don white head gear, à la their namesake from The Elephant Man. JMR deliver Marilyn Manson-esque visuals with Gary Numan sensibilities, a pinch of Bauhaus and a dash of Soft Cell – a delicious raw flavour of underground ’80s electronica.
Their adventure in sound began in 2004 when brothers-in-law Bob and Jools teamed up to write and record a début single for fun. The track, entitled Slapper, garnered good reviews locally, which prompted the label to offer the band a one off album deal for DMP records. The duo joined forces with friend and producer Andy Littlewood and recorded their debut album, Digging up the Remains. JMR proceeded to gig in and around the South Yorkshire area, gaining a passionate live following.
By the close of 2007 the duo had generated another albums worth of songs, mixed and ready to go, so in 2008 DMP records presented their long-awaited follow-up album John Merrick’s Remains. After extended gigging and promotion Bob & Jools were ready to start writing new songs, they teamed up with their producer Andy again, and Angel of the Night was released in 2010. Spekulus vs John Merrick’s Remains The Lament Configuration three track EP collaboration was released in 2012.
With an emergent fan base all over the world, 2013 saw John Merrick’s Remains celebrate their 10th Anniversary with a 15 track best of CD release MMIV-MMXIII. Their five track EP Dark City following in 2014, which they toured with The Danse Society. Which brings up to date with the release of JMR’s brand new fifth studio album Light & Dark. So, if you like your electro heavy on the gothic side give these lads a listen – or even better go along to their next gig!
To find out more, listen or watch JMR, go to their website HERE or follow them on Facebook by clicking HERE.
Stay tuned tomorrow where we’ll be posting a review of their latest release Light & Dark.


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