A Sweet Maker: Odds and Sorts

Diving back into the archives this week, we’re bringing back this interview from our May 2016 issue. Rachel Horne spoke to Donny jeweller, Naomi Horan about her company, Odds and Sorts. Since this encounter, the company has come on in leaps and bounds. Check out all Horan’s new offerings by visiting: oddsandsorts.co.uk.
Rachel: Your jewellery looks good enough to eat, what is it actually made from?
Naomi: All my sweet jewellery is handmade from clay, which I mould and cure into the lovable sweet replicas they are. I get comments all the time about how real they look. I feel I have to remind people that they aren’t edible. I’m working on some alternative pieces at the moment, made from different materials to the usual clay, but still with the same sweet theme.
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How did your sweet obsession begin?
My obsession with sweets began at a very young age and it only blossomed from there. I’ve got such a sweet tooth. Sadly, eating sweets isn’t so good for your teeth, so I think making my sweet jewellery eases the cravings. I’m sure my sugar cravings have gone down since, but that’s not absolutely guaranteed.
What part has social media played in helping you to promote your business?
Social Media has had a strong role in helping to build my business. I’ve had a lot of customers who have found Odds and Sorts through Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and they probably wouldn’t have found us otherwise.
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Where are your designs most popular?
Most of our customers are from the UK, but we got a lot overseas too. Our second biggest shipping country is Germany. We get orders all over the world, we recently sent a big one out to Guatemala. I’ve got a map in my workshop of the world and every time we ship to a new country, another pin goes in.
How do you hope to see your business expand over the next few years?
Previously, I’ve solely been focused with trading through our website, but this year I’ve decided to branch out with some wholesale retailers. I’ve just confirmed our first stockist in Nottingham (Two Little Magpies, Beeston), and I’m in talks with several others at the moment, including in the Netherlands. So I hope you’ll be able to find our products in a shop (and country) near you soon.
I’ve got so many ideas and projects on the go at the moment, so I’ll be releasing some new products and new collections soon. I currently work a full-time job alongside running my business, so I only have so many hands and so many hours.
What advice would you give other creatives interested in starting there own  business?
I find that if you make something that you really love and and that you enjoy doing, that will show to others too. I’m motivated all the time into making new products and that helps drive me and evolves what I’m doing all the time.  You will improve over time.
Get to know your customers through social media and what they like too. I make  custom orders too, so this is a good way of knowing what people like.

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