Comedy Circuit, 5th October 2017 at The Establishment by Kevin Rodgers

Live comedy in Doncaster has made great strides since Cast attracted serious comedy talent for Doncos’ to enjoy, including acts such as Stewart Lee and Ross Noble.  Cast’s Comedy Club has brought lesser known comedians for amusement seeker to sample, allowing new talent to hone their craft, and shows a wider appetite for open spot comedy in our Town.
A serendipitous spot on Facebook led me to impatiently depart my Thursday evening meeting, and barrel over St George’s Bridge under a harvest moon to attend the Comedy Circuit at The Establishment.  For the uninitiated this is the recently refurbished bar in Lazarus Court which I previously knew as Flares, and younger readers will know as The Priory.  Older readers might remember it as the Kings Head.
The venue is something to behold – a basement bar with a stylish industrial copper and mirrored finish, completed with seductive lighting – which dispenses cocktails, craft beers, and freshly made pizzas.  Having no time to change I sat with my friends in the front row fully suited and booted, cutting quite the establishment figure, and prepared for a couple of hours of comedy.
The compere was Sully O’Sullivan (@Sully_OSullivan), a Kiwi with a wicked sense of humour who commanded the gig with great crowd work. This ranged from exploring certain proclivities of various nationalities towards livestock, to a Jeremy Kyle-esque intervention with an audience member and their ex.  We were treated to the Edinburgh Festival anxieties of comedian Jake Donaldson, and met two very divergent comedy characters from Keith Carter (@KeithCarterUFO) who entertained the audience with impressions of Bob Dylan and two avian-resurrected Beatles that I could never adequately describe.
The evening was extraordinary fun, and for a £5 ticket price (including complimentary pizza) it was great value. Don’t miss it.

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