'New Weird Planet' by James Phaily

Weird Blessings…
Those of you who like to transcend their consciousness with new and unusual left-field sounds should definitely check out D.J. Craig Manga’s show New Weird Planet on Doncaster’s Sine FM from 12pm-2am on a Friday Night…
Each week its venerable host gathers together a selection of the weirdest, wonkiest and most marvellous records on the planet in order to create a cosmic “headspace” for us, his faithful listeners, to explore their own surreality. From the experimental electronica of Craig’s Mangabros and its various offshoots, through to the avant-garde esotericism of Alan Moore, by way of the industrial sound of The Young Gods and the sludge-metal of Doncaster’s very own Klagg: Craig has everything on offer for you, his loyal
listeners, to kick-start their weekend in the most sublime way possible.
Anyone who has met Craig or seen him perform live with his various projects will know he is a force to be reckoned with and New Weird Planet is no exception. The show is relentless in its ability to warp your mind in the most beautiful way possible; mainly through the carefully chosen underground music that Craig curates.
The show takes a “wide-slice” at the most eclectic and soul-stirring sounds of our time and succeeds effortlessly. We get no “schlock-jock” platitudes from our host Mr. Manga, just a hell of a lot of integrity, music, belief in what he’s doing and his trademark tongue-in- cheek delivery. The show has also spawned a series of New Weird Planet “Micro-fests.” Live events which, although still based in South Yorkshire, aim to reach out to all the experimental artists in the country. Craig curates and gathers together these bands and collectives for the pleasure of the faithful and the fanatical love he has for distinctive, otherworldly, sonic experience… Craig is unstoppable in his passion and undeniable integrity. He’s also a lovely fella–New Weird Planet is gifted with twice the charm of anything on Radio 6. It is definitely a source that requires your complete attention and, much like its host Craig Manga, is a force to be reckoned with…
New Weird Planet can be found at 102.6 fm on your radio dial and upon the internet@ www.sinefm.com
Or join the New Weird Planet Network and introduce yourself to Craig @

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