Alice In The Moods

Rachel Horne talks to Donny lass Alice Needham violinist in Manchester based band The Moods. This 10 piece band will be blowing the roof off Vintage on Silver Street on the 10th of March.
rsz_the_moods_press_shot_bridge_2_-_superhighres-_calder-marley-taylor.jpgYou’re like a kick ass super talent, when did you discover your passion for music?
Ah that’s nice! Cheers! I’ve always been around music from being dead little. My mum is a music teacher so I was introduced at an early age. I started playing the violin when I was five, was in my first musical at the old Civic Theatre at eight and it just went on from there really. I am incredibly lucky to have always been supported in anything I wanted to do musically. I worked my way through the orchestras at Doncaster Music Service and went to every band, choir and orchestra going at school, every dinner time. Anything I could get involved with, I did. I owe an awful lot to both my school and the music service for giving me the experience and opportunities that shaped me into the musician I am today.
How did it feel when you secured your place at Royal Northern?
Initially relief more than anything else really! I remember just thinking, thank god! All the hard work, the practice, the rehearsals and so on had finally been worth it. And just dead chuffed I suppose, that somewhere as prestigious as the RNCM wanted little old me from Donny! It felt mad!
How did you end up in The Moods?
When I was at college in Manchester I played in an Irish band called “The Disciples of Craic”! I went back to Manchester to play with them again last St Paddy’s day and it was Holmesy (from The Moods) who was the drummer. He mentioned that he played in another band and they could do with some live strings at their album launch, so I got home and listened to the album he’d sent and was genuinely blown away. I thought what they were doing was amazing and was like nothing I’d heard before. I was so excited to get involved! I emailed straight away and said to sign me up for whatever strings they needed. So that was obviously a year ago now and the rest is history! I never left!
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Describe the band…
I get asked this a lot you know, and it’s difficult to fully describe without seeing a show! First off, there’s ten of us: two singers, two rappers, keys, bass, acoustic kit, electric kit, trumpet and violin. Our music is a fusion of drum & bass, reggae, hip-hop and EDM, with potent political lyrics. The aim being we make people dance, but we also make them think. Music for the head and the heart.
I’m very lucky to play in a band with nine stupidly talented and diverse people. We all have different strengths and come from totally different backgrounds musically and otherwise, which is why I think as a band we work together so well. Everyone’s voice and opinion is listened to. There’s no egos or arguments or anything daft like that.
What’s popping off at Vintage on the 10th of March and why is half of Manchester coming over?
10th of March, we’re coming back to Donny! I’m so glad we’re coming back! Vintage is an absolutely top venue too. They’ve got some amazing nights going on there at the minute, hosting some really big names. We’re so pleased to be coming back. This particular date is slap bang in the middle of our Missing Peace tour, which kicked off at the beginning of February. This tour we’re going to: Blackpool, Glasgow, London, Edinburgh, Manchester, Liverpool and more.
And yes we’re bringing a bus from Manchester too! As a band, we are incredibly lucky to have a really loyal fan base. Some who never miss a gig! No matter where we are! I’ve said that one of the biggest parties of the tour will definitely be Doncaster! The bus back to Manchester doesn’t leave ’til the early hours so they can sample Doncaster’s nightlife after we’ve played!
Tell us about the tour this summer.
The Moods have a big summer ahead! New music, new collaborations, main stage appearances at some big festivals across the UK – as well as headline appearances at boutique and urban dance festivals – with Europe on the horizon later in the year!
What are your views on the Donny music scene – and some of the community stuff you do?
Doncaster is changing! There is so much more to be getting involved with these days than years ago! And there really is something for everyone! From Metal to House, Musical Theatre to Classical – it’s all on our doorstep! Not just to go and watch, but to take part in too.
As I now work for both Doncaster Music Service and darts (Doncaster Community Arts) I have the privilege of listening to some of the home grown talent we have here in Doncaster on a daily basis! I run a group at darts called ‘Swag Choir’ which is a group for young people aged 11-18. They’re a vocal group that covers hip-hop, R ‘n’ B, some pop – all sorts! But that’s just one group! There are so many more! Choirs, orchestras, song writing groups, ukulele ensembles! darts and Doncaster Music Service have so much to offer creatively for young people and adults too.
The bands latest album Missing Peace is out now and available to stream on spotify, download on iTunes. #iamamood. 

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