Why I Love Copley Road Issue 28 #AllNations

Rachel Horne talks about living within the DN1 vicinity and how it’s becoming one of the most culturalistic places in Donny. 

The area I where live in Doncaster is officially one of the poorest in the UK. Living in the Beckett Road vicinity for the last 8 years, I’ve seen my fair share of the drudgery which comes with poverty. The drugs raid opposite my old house, the stabbing on Jubilee Road that shook me to my core, the time I got chased by a pack of bull mastiffs and the brothel opposite Donco HQ, which opened and closed within a few months. It may be heavy sometimes, but it’s never dull.
When it comes to a location, it’s the people not the place that make it what it is. I for one love this neighbourhood and wouldn’t want be anywhere else in the world right now. I love this area because, like me, many of the businesses, families and individuals are working hard to create better lives for themselves and the community.
You can feel that energy and love when you walk down the street. It’s rapidly changing. Ten years ago I’m told this area was full of empty shops and every house had a ‘for sale’ sign. Over the past few years I’ve seen houses which were once on the market for £30,000 now for sale at £60,000. There are probably few places in the country where property developers are so excited to snap up an investment.
So what has changed this area, from being so run down, to a desirable place to live? We call Copley Road ‘All The World On A One Way Street’ because it literally is just that.
Moving back to Doncaster from London I didn’t want to live anywhere else. I’ve seen unloved shop units slowly become thriving businesses. I see owners working 12 hour days – designing, fixing, mending and repairing – busy late into the night, only to open up again early the next morning.
In contrast to this, I often read horrendous comments online about my neighbourhood, but I will not repeat such hatred on the pages of our beautiful magazine. Living here I know a different story and I believe this in my heart that, in the future, this area will be one of the most desirable in Doncaster… sorry Bawtry and Tickhill.
When deciding on a theme for this issue I glanced across the road to the All Nations hair shop. I remember, that as an 18 year old, I’d buy synthetic, brightly coloured fake hair for nights out clubbing. That was fifteen years ago and the shop is still here despite so many changes to our town. This issue is therefore dedicated to our community of #AllNations.
Rachel Horne

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