Boyos With Vision

We celebrate Lewis Beasley and Lewis Joel Fairmen who are transforming Doncaster’s nightlife offer.
Words: Rachel Horne
Images: Nick Dhokia

To really understand Donny’s night life you need to be on the front line of the fight and experiencing what’s going on for yourself.  Over the last 12 weeks, with the exception of a night out in Nottingham and Leeds, I’ve gone out most weekends and even some school nights in Doncaster Town Centre. I’ve been to gigs, poetry nights, comedy nights, exhibition launches, performance art. I’ve also seen drag and burlesque at the Hallcross pub and danced to both Northern Soul and Tech House in the same weekend.
I’ve heard some of the best indie bands coming out the UK right now from our friends at Hot Mustard and witnessed two impressive female fronted bands Bang Bang Romeo and Kizah and The Kings play a free entry gig on my doorstep.
Doncaster is full of gems when it comes to nightlife and – trust me, I would have done more if my liver and purse could handle it.
The biggest night for me in 2018 thus far, was the third of a new monthly House night headlined by Tech House DJ Mella Dee at Vintage on Silver Street.
Mella Dee, if you’ve not heard of him, is  a massive name in dance music. Recently gracing the pages of Mix Magazine his track Techno Disco Tool has been pushed by huge names in dance such as Annie Mac, Danny Howard and Black Madonna.  Only a few weeks ago Nick Grimshaw of the BBC1 Breakfast Show, choose Techno Disco House as his track of the week. Nick Grimshaw, was one of the judges on Britain’s Got Talent and has 2.1M Twitter followers.
It truly saddens me many people in Doncaster don’t even know who Mella Dee is, even though the signature  artwork for Techno Disco Tool is a vector of none other than the notorious Doncaster Warehouse and yes, this has been shared to millions of people online. Mella Dee is a boyo proud of this iconic venue even if many Doncastrians aren’t.
To deepen my understanding of the night-time economy, I decided to reach out to two young promoters/artists hosting this new night.  Founded in 2017 Vision aims to bring headliners to Doncaster, alongside intimate parties. Basically they’re  promoting the music they love. Meet Lewis Beasley and Lewis Joel Fairman …
Firstly, how did you meet and how did you get into all this?
LJF. We’re know each other through School and we both live in Town Moor.  I had these really back decks, years ago and I practiced for like a year, my mum worked at Boiler Rooms before it was Vintage. My mum got me a few gigs even though I was under age. I just kept practicing and practicing and that was it really.
LB. had decks years old, when I was at school but sold them, but we started going out in Nottingham which is where I started for us. The scene there was just great, we’d all go out. We went to Ibiza from being 18. I’m doing music tech now at college and in September I’m going to be studying at Point Black Music School in London. It’s a music and creative media training school founded in London. It offers a variety of courses in electronic music production and sound engineering, DJing, singing and songwriting.
How did you get Mella Dee to Doncaster?

LJF To be honest, he likes playing here, it gives him a chance to come home and his friends and family can attend too.
How was it for you guys on the night? It was a great night for me, I didn’t stop dancing…
LJF. We think it was overall, surprising from both the customers point of view and ours. Doncaster hasn’t had regular listings and headline DJ acts from House and Techno scene for over 10 years so to bring that back felt pretty good, we always knew there was once a scene – so our vision was to bring it back and on Saturday we felt we accomplished that.
The vibe from when Mella Dee came on was just wicked, everyone really got involved, danced and had a great time. For us we felt this was the first event that’s had a really strong connection with the DJ. From this we’re only going to progress and continue with monthly headline acts at Vision
So what’s  the future for Vision?
LB. Plans are to keep it a monthly event with headliners at most parties. We are now working with Huellas to do a terrace event but keeping our monthly events at Vintage on Silver, as we have a really good relationship with the venue. We have Del-30 a Yorkshire based DJ duo for the upcoming event on March the 3rd. Then we have mad villains headlining our Bank Holiday gig on April 1st.
Is it costing you guys at lot to put on each event? You’re clearly putting loads of hard work into the event to make it all happen?
LB. We’re doing pretty well to be honest. The money we make, we’re  just putting everything back in to making each event happen. We’re not in this for the money. We want to make something special happen in our hometown.
If you love house music as much as we do follow the boyos HERE and see you at one of there future events.
#BigUpDonny <3


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