No Words Needed… Only One … Imogen

Here we talk about Imogen’s artwork and what types she has made over the years.
22/03/18 marked the opening of Doncopolitan’s new art exhibition featuring the works of one amazingly talented, local artist, Imogen Carline. Except, there is more to it than this – Imogen is just 17 years old, she has ‘Classic Kanner Autism’, and is subsequently non-verbal. Art is the main way for her to express her world to those around her.

The collection of work is massive, having spent years building it up. What is currently displayed at Doncopolitan is only a small part of what Imogen can do.
A lot of her work takes inspiration from children’s TV shows, there’s a series around Clifford the Big Red Dog, Angelina Ballerina and Funny Bones, to name a few. The shows are from all different eras and rendered in all different mediums. From photographed and screenshot stills – you can see hundreds of tiny print outs arranged into collages on kites. To paint, pencil, felt tip and computer enhanced. You can see how her drawings of foxes and racoons have progressed as she has experimented with a new medium in each representation.

She has an envelope series that took inspiration from actual deliveries sent to her house – considering the appearance of the envelopes as well as their contents. There is a series on boys and girls, all wearing colourful dungarees, rows and rows of mice after mice sporting pretty bows, aesthetically pleasing pages of words that blur into one, like a complicated poem and plates adorned with patterns of precisely placed Blu-Tac. Then there are my personal favourites, the thick black painted line drawings of a rabbit, a cat and a bear – so simple yet so effective, these graphic designs wouldn’t go amiss as logos.

The art ranges from the bright and colourful to just black and white, giving the overall exhibition a very feel-good mood – reflecting two heart-warming moments experienced on the opening night. First, when Imogen’s brother, James Carline, read a poem he’d written for his sister called “Talking Is Overrated”. Then second, when Imogen heard the news Doncopolitan and Rachel Horne were putting her art into a show – she uttered the words: “Rachel Artist”. What we can only imagine is an indication of just how much this exhibition has truly meant to her.
The exhibition is on now until the end of April due to a visit from Ed Miliband on the 20th of April. After seeing what we’d done on opening night, we happily watched Imogen make the live alterations it needed – adding brand new pieces to her already expansive collection.
We are also selling Imogen merch. This includes prints, t-shirts and mugs – get yours quick before they’re gone!

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