"From Flowers to Coal Mines" New Painting Retrospective By Janet Buckle

For this piece, James Phaily talks about Janet Buckle who is a painter and artist that has created artwork representing the impact of coal mining in Doncaster 
Words:  James Phaily
Artwork:  Janet Buckle

Born in Bradford in 1945, Janet Buckle has been exhibiting regionally and nationwide since 1980. Taught by an eccentric and inspirational art teacher, she never wanted to be anything but a painter. Her portfolio won her a place at The Slade School of Fine Art and she has since developed work that spans drawing, painting, mixed media and printmaking.
Doncaster Museum and Art Gallery will host a retrospective of Janet’s life work entitled From Flowers To Coal Mines between April 21st until July 1st. It promises to show some real gems from all stages of this fantastic artist’s career.
Over the past fifty years, Janet has worked on both canvas and wood to express her keen interest in shape, colour and pattern. During this time she has created artwork representing the impact of coal mining on the Doncaster landscape, housed across Doncaster Museum and Art Gallery and the National Coal Mining Museum of England. She has also displayed art in the Royal Academy’s Summer Exhibition, a series of solo touring exhibitions and The European Biennial of Contemporary Art in Limburg, Belgium.
Janet admits that she works slowly, taking months to complete a medium sized painting. Using simple and dramatic shapes with strong harmonious colours, her art reflects her surroundings whether they are a coal mining landscape or flowers in her studio.
The beauty of Janet’s work lies in the photographic realism and her adept and painterly brushstrokes. In her hands, the downtrodden landscape of our once thriving coal mining community can be transformed into true beauty, urging us to see the picturesque in our communities and our everyday lives.
Doncaster Museum & Art Gallery, Chequer Road, Doncaster DN1 2AE 21st April – July 1st | Admission – Free

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