Discover World Food In Doncaster….

Words: Rachael Butler
Illustration: Al Heighton

Food is a unifying force for good. It’s difficult to really understand a nation – what sets it apart, its celebrations, struggles and values – until you’ve tasted the food of that nation.

Think about the great British Sunday lunch and how much you miss it when you go on holiday. Then think about India, Jamaica, Italy, Thailand or Spain… it’s hard not to instantly salivate for the taste of a good old ruby, smothered chicken, comforting spaghetti, flavoursome spring rolls or fresh tapas.

When we consider a town that embraces all nations, there is no better benefit to everyday Donny folk, than the range of dining options this brings. And for an ex-mining town, we’re lucky to have a varied range of all nation dining options in and around Donny town centre – options that seem to be increasing.

Doncaster owes much of its entrepreneurial spirit and growing independent local vibe to our honorary residents from other nations. So, before our next edition ofDoncopolitan magazine showcasing Doncaster’s foodie festival and food offerings. This month we’re highlighting and celebrating the foodie entrepreneurs, from all nations, that are proudly making Doncaster what it is today – on the up!



L Café

If you’ve ever wandered down Nether Hall Road on a grey day you won’t have missed this cute corner café, nestled on the Broxholme Lane junction. The exterior is adorned with hanging baskets, smart all weather al fresco tables and cute signage indicate this is not your average greasy spoon or fast food take-away. With an extensive drinks menu, including Tchibo coffee and a Suki green and herbal teas, there’s no selection like this anywhere else in Doncaster. When it comes to their menu L Café has its own motto, “fresh food, not fast food”.

Recently, L Café has become well known on social media for it’s 666 Devil’s Breakfast, which promises to be the biggest breakfast in Yorkshire. Harley, the owner, is a local property developer who is investing in the area and sees L Café at the heart of that change, with initiatives such as supporting local artists, with artwork featured upstairs from local artist David Alison.

Address: 97 Nether Hall Road, Doncaster DN1 2QA

Opening Times: Monday–Friday: 8am-5pm, Saturday: 10am-4pm, Sunday Closed.

Follow them on facebook @doncastercafe or call in to pick up a takeaway menu.

Vivo Italiano

Chefs Franco and Giuseppe are the proud family owners of this gem that has a long and established reputation for delicious Italian food and a home-made tiramisu to die for. Chatting to Franco and Giuseppe before or after you dine and you’ll get the feeling a lot of passion and love goes into this food. Why go to Pizza Express when the genuine thing is available in Donny town centre for the same price.

Address: 11 Bennetthorpe, Doncaster DN2 6AA

Opening Times: Monday–Thursday: 6pm-10:30pm, Friday–Saturday: 5:30-11:30pm, Sunday Closed

Thai at the Sal

One of the best recent additions to Doncaster’s foodie offering opened last year. Chintana, known as Ton to her friends, grew up in a village not far from the city of Ratchuburi in Thailand. She opened her first Thai restaurant when she was just 18 years old. Luckily for us, she later met her husband and they decided to move to Doncaster to start a family. Ton now runs the only Thai restaurant in Doncaster, Thai at the Sal. Check out their menu or make a booking:


Address: The Salutation, 14 South Parade, Doncaster DN1 2DR

Opening Times: 6pm-10:30pm every day!




Coffee in the UK does not have a good international reputation. Luckily, we have a Kiwi who has made Doncaster his home. Who just happens to make the best flat white – New Zealand style – in Doncaster. Reece Boardman from Christchurch, New Zealand owns Prego café and coffee shop with his partner Jayne. We love the chilled-out vibe of this place, and that they always have avocado on the menu.

Address: 35 Hall Gate, Doncaster DN1 3NL

Opening Times: MondayFriday8.30am-3.30pmSaturday 8.30am-12.30pmSunday closed.

Pakos Sweet House

The first of it’s kind to open in Doncaster! Osman, the owner, opened this unique shop on Copley Road in November 2017. The traditional sweet house sells a mixture of Kurdish, Turkish, Iranian Balkva sweets. If you’ve not tried these middle eastern treats they are made from thin layers of pastry soaked in a honey syrup, topped with pistachio nuts. Brilliant for parties or to enjoy with a coffee.

Osman moved to Doncaster 15 years go, for a better life, he believes Doncaster is an excellent town and is very proud to own a business here. And with sweet treats like this on offer who can argue with that.

Address: 3 Copley Rd, Doncaster DN1 2QP

Opening Times: Monday-Sunday: 10am-8pm


Top Meal

A popular high quality take-out on the bottom of Broxholme Lane, this cute little business rivals many local takeaways with it’s charcoal barbecue grill, serving traditional Polish pork fillets, know as szazlyyka, as well as premium 90% beef burgers. There’s an amazing choice of fresh salad and everything is served in a toasted Turkish flat bread. The owner Adam, opened the business in July 2015, choosing the area for the good parking for customers.

Address: 4 Broxholme Lane, Doncaster DN1 2LL

Opening Times: Monday–Thursday: 4pm-10:30pm, Friday–Saturday: 2pm-10:30pm, Sunday: 2pm-10pm


The City Restaurant

Located at the bottom of Kingsgate in the recently re-branded shopping centre Waterdale Village, this restaurant offers a variety of Eastern European and English dishes for meat lovers. Sirloin steak, venison, duck fillets, beef goulash and pork fillet medallions. The owner Mark picked this great central location as he saw potential with people coming to the railway station and Cast theatre, he also believes Doncaster has great business potential despite being a post industrial city.

Address: 2 Kingsgate, Doncaster DN1 3JZ

Opening Times: Monday: 2pm-10pm, Tuesday Closed, Wednesday–Thursday: 2pm-10pm, Friday–Saturday: 2pm-12am, Sunday: 2pm-10pm

Kurdish Restaurant

An informal canteen style restaurant owned by Ali, the proprietor of the Halal Meat shop also on Copley Road. Serving kebabs, salad and vegetable dishes, such as butter beans in tomato sauce. Kurdish food is generally mild in flavour and most dishes are served with traditional Kurdish bread, which is made fresh on site. It’s very flat and a little crispy. You can also order traditional black teas, which comes in cute small glasses. Another great thing about this restaurant is the price tag, it’s super affordable making it a great little place to catch-up with friends for a quick bite to eat.

Address: 51 Copley Rd, Doncaster DN1 2QP

Opening Times:  Monday–Sunday: 11am-10pm

The Devons Kitchen

Devon Sharpe is the owner of this business, he’s been a chef for over 30 years and it shows. He grew up in Jamaica and learnt to cook with his grandma. So it’s easy to spot his family recipes. He has a real skill in using fresh ingredients – many of which are grown on their allotment – creating unique tastes. The most popular dishes are jerk chicken, mutton curry, ackee and saltfish – starting with a menu which introduces new customers to Jamaican food. Both the owners resigned from their jobs to commit to the new venture. Many of their patrons are from Doncaster and the surrounding areas and the owners love the community feel in Bentley, stating “the support we have had from the community has been overwhelming”. There is also a takeaway service that covers most areas in Doncaster.

Address: 114 High Street Bentley Doncaster DN5 0AT

Opening Times: Tuesday–Saturday: 12pm-10pm

The Green House

A brand new venture for local lad Callum Fox – who’s artwork you may have seen on posters for both Priory and Social over the years. This creative entrepreneur has been passionate about food for most his adult life. Callum became vegan two years ago and has a love of experimenting with new dishes – you may remember his recipe in issue 20 of Doncopolitan – how to make a vegan yorkshire pud.

Opening on Valentines Day this year, this isn’t just vegan food this is plant-based artisan food. There will be a rotating menu, changing every few months with fresh colourful Buddha bowls, pies and in house seitan dishes such as burgers and southern fried tenders. The menu currently includes Moroccan inspired dishes. Even if you are not vegan this place is definitely worth a look – the cruelty free vegan chocolate cheesecake is to die for and guilt free!

Current opening hours will be Thursday/Friday/Saturday 12pm-8pm but keep yours eyes peeled for our Sunday lunches and Saturday morning breakfast club.

 With Delicious Doncaster just right round the corner, we are excited that Doncaster is getting a food and drink festival on the 4th of May. Find out more HERE

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