The Queerest Folk

Donny Warehouse hosts a new monthly queer night and no one saw it coming…

Words: Bipolar Abdul
Images: Warren Draper/Rachel Horne

RIP Hallcross (2014-2018). Losing something is always difficult. A total emotional shake up, leaving you drained and scared. Recently, as you all know, we locked up the Hallcross for the last time. Doncaster changed that day. For some, it was a safe place: home. We were family, you were family. I loved meeting each and every one of you. The memories we created there were perfect, even though the building was not. We will be forever thankful for the support each of you gave; embracing the freezing temperatures to see the shows and shout the house down. You told us we looked gorgeous, week in, week out. So now we’re in a bit of a bind, right? We’ve lost our venue. Some even fear that we’ve lost the scene altogether. That’s right, Toto, we’re not in Kansas any more.

Former venue owners Adam Lambert and Callum Jackson in the famous Hallcross staff toilet.

But together, as a fierce community, we can overcome this minor bump in Donny’s vibrant LGBT+ scene. I, for one, will put my entire self into it, but I desperately need all of y’alls help. I’m going to create our very own movement — completely queer and free. Club night, platform, party, safe space; whatever we need and whatever you want to call it. It belongs to us. Message me, email me. Fek it, shout me in the street. Get involved however you can. If you’ve ever fancied a go at drag, message me. This is your time. Show me what you’ve got, I’m dying to see it.

On June 29th, we’re kicking it all off. I personally want to invite you to our new club night. ZE HAUS and Doncaster Warehouse are working in collaboration to create an aggressively amazing night, where everyone is welcome. From 8pm until the smallest of hours, we will be bringing that house down, gurl. Performances of all creeds, drinks, dancing, love and acceptance — all in the most bangin’ of venues.

I just wanted to write this to let you know I’m thinking of you, and to say that there are behind the scenes efforts already happening to get us the night we deserve. A huge celebration every month of simply being who we are without fear. Only Judy can judge us, henny.

I’m right excited about seeing you all. It’s already been too long. Things are going to get well sickening. @bipolar.abdul.drag (insta) The FLUID/ITY launch party takes place on 29th June at Doncaster Warehouse, 27 North Bridge Road, Doncaster DN5 9AD.

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