A Stirling Time at Doncaster Brewery

Pint Club visits Doncaster Brewery to try their Stirling coffee stout

Words: Danny McMillan

Doncaster Brewery & Tap

Doncaster Brewery’s Stirling Single Coffee Stout 4.5%

Cost £3 

For this issue of Pint Club, I headed over to the Doncaster Brewery & Tap, a local micro-brewery located in Doncaster Town Centre, to see what locally brewed beers they had on offer. I first went here a long time ago when it was first opening up and it still offers the same warm welcome and friendly customers it always has. There have been subtle but largely effective changes to the furniture and menus, along with the addition of board games and a number of events happening throughout the week. Located in a close yet quiet part of town just off Waterdale, it’s the perfect place to enjoy a peaceful pint with friends and like-minded people.

After relighting my joy of stout in the past few weeks, I decided to give the Stirling Single Coffee Stout a try and see how it compared with the others I’ve been having recently. At the bar, I was told this had an especially strong coffee taste to it, and that had me a little worried. I love coffee but didn’t think I would want the taste so prevalent in my pint. I took my drink and sat down after handing over the very reasonable £3 price tag.

This beverage, born just a short walk away from where I now sat, blew my mind as I took the first sip. What a lovely tipple this was. The strong coffee taste I had worried about was actually the highlight of this drink as the dark undertones of rich coffee made the pint go down beautifully. I definitely enjoyed the Stirling Silver Coffee Stout a lot more than I first expected and will definitely be trying it again.

Looking around this quaint little bar you can clearly see there is a community here. The walls are decorated with pictures of the past alongside posters and adverts for future events such as the Tuesday Quiz Night and a local Ukulele group every third Sunday of the month. This place offers something for everybody. If you’re in town and wanting a tasty pint, I highly recommend this bar. Check out their website and Facebook page to keep up-to-date with future events.

I would rate this pub a solid 8/10.

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