Culture Crawl Reflection

Rachel Horne has a chat about Culture Crawl with Dreambakes

Words: Rachel Horne

Photography: Rod Jackson

Firstly, as a local business, why did you want to get behind Culture Crawl?

We wanted to get behind it because Doncaster has an amazing arts and culture scene that doesn’t get enough recognition.

People always say things like ‘oh I wish we had events like xxxx in Doncaster’ but never do anything to help plan them or talk about them. THIS is the sort of event Doncaster needs in order to change perceptions and show we are a flourishing town.

Wowsa, thank you for getting our vision. It is frustrating when I read comments online, people want Doncaster to be like Leeds or Sheffield, then don’t offer support. Putting on Culture Crawl was a massive risk, we were scared people wouldn’t get it or turn out, but we created a solid marketing campaign, largely in print (YES, PRINT’S NOT DEAD). This included 10,000 flyers, 1000 Maps, and people came out in droves. Can I ask what the vibe was like at Dreambakes on the night?

Doncopolitan and other independent entrepreneurs are really trying hard to introduce new and alternative events to Doncaster which I think a) is a big risk for those involved and b) will hopefully help people believe in the town and start buying and investing in it.

The vibe was amazing. We had a big queue at the Vamanos truck that we hosted outside, and people were coming in to enjoy their food and then have dessert. There was a real buzz and vibrancy in the air. People were chatting, laughing, just generally enjoying themselves and being incredibly positive.

Also, it’s nice to celebrate Doncaster as a place, rather than just doing a copycat event that’s worked in, say, Leeds or Sheffield. Honestly, you guys did an amazing job.

Thanks mate, I’ll pay ya bribe laters.

The thing I liked about the Culture Crawl was that it wasn’t focused on drinking; that wasn’t a motivation for people to come out. So, people were out for it because of the event in itself, because they were genuinely interested in the arts. I dare say some people just had tacos and left, but the majority I asked were out to look at the event. Just shows you what can happen if people actually take action with their ideas.


I just wanted to bring more people into town than the Coca Cola truck did in Christmas 2016. It’s been bugging me, that. Did you guys sell out of cake?

We did yes, we sold all the cake I had made just for the event and almost all the cake for the following day.

It was also a goal to do this event on a night when no-one would be in town to prove that we can get people out.

Yeah, I wasn’t 100% sure about it being on a Tuesday but it totally makes sense if you wanted it to be proven that it was just for the event.

I thought the route was really good and had a great mix of things to look at and do as well.

Like there wasn’t an overlap so there was a reason to come to each venue. 

Did you manage to check-out the venues?

No, I was working until half nine. From what people have said they were great! There didn’t seem to be a ‘favourite’, but it was great to see other businesses getting behind the event. It felt like a real breath of fresh air.

I could practically see the blood, sweat and tears you guys had all put in!

It was hard graft but certainly worth it.


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Tuesday 30th October, 5pm.

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