Welcome To Another World

Words: Craig Manga

Photography: Gavin Morrow

Welcome to another world… An alien world of alien shapes and sounds. This is a place of new language, new tastes and new smells. If there are more senses than six, then this is where it’s at. This is a counter-art movement beamed from another dimension.

Where do we do find ourselves? Where is this new weird planet?

Actually, in the most unlikely of places. An oft-forgotten town without a cathedral, or university, a town of closed pits, disillusionment, coffee shops and bars, of pub rockers and tribute bands. In a tiny multi-cultural corner of a South Yorkshire town – Doncaster.

If you’ve been lucky enough to be part of the story so far, read no further. These are familiar adventures in a northern landscape. This is the New Weird Planet.

New Weird Planet – linked with a Friday radio show on Donny’s own SineFM 102.6 – quickly affiliated with Doncopolitan, is home to the eclectic, the weird, the warped, the wonderfully wayward, and above all, the wonky. This is a wondrous series of events including the best live music yet to be discovered, with an experimental and exploratory approach to showcasing. New Weird Planet call it the ‘Wonkfest’. There have been three of them. And people are still talking.

New Weird Planet has no boundaries – other than it should never be merely ordinary – it includes all races, religions, ages, gender. NWP provokes, entertains, excites and delivers evening after evening of wonky ‘warpwerks’ (sic), installation, alt-music, wordplay, and curiosities.

Previous (and future) freq. shows (v1.0- v3.0) feature such happenings as… drumming robots and experimental sonic inventions, aroma-wafting experiments into poetry, 25-piece anti-choirs, galleries, cine8 mutilation with sharpies and hot pins, looper-pedal acapella voicescapes, zappa-shaped avant-jazz, exploratory sonic surgery and mindbending genre-bending. Sludge, kraut, prog, cosmische, alt-pop, broken dance floor and electronica!

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