Married and Winging it

Rachel Horne interviews the Doncaster couple David and Donetta, who vlog their daily lives.

Words: David and Donetta

David and Donetta’s are possibly Doncaster’s first family Vloggers, striving to prove life as a young family isn’t all doom and gloom. What started out as a way to document their life to look back on in the future soon became a passion, and is now a full-time business for the couple. Their world captures the spirit of daily life; a cute couple doing their best to be good parents and have a laugh.

Rachel Horne. When did you and Donetta decide to go public with your life? And why?

David. I started a dad blog back in February 2016 as a way to document my journey into parenthood. There didn’t seem to be many dads online sharing their lives so I wanted to add my voice in the hope it might help other dads in my situation. After a year or so, Donetta started to become more and more involved and we fell in love with creating and documenting our family life in particular the aspect of having all of these memories recorded to look back on in years to come. In March 2018, we then decided to go all in with David and Donetta

RH. So tell me more about your original daddo blog? Was that video or written?

D. It’s and is still running now. It’s now all written content but at the turn of the year it will be maintained for the memories built up only, all new content will be published on Our David and Donetta YouTube Channel was originally called DadvWorld and all of my original videos are still on the channel now. Having built up a small audience and already publishing several videos we just changed the name.

RH. What’s been you most successful content far?

D. Well we actually laugh about this! On YouTube, it’s a hoover review that has over 20K views. Of all the meaningful videos we’ve tried to create and priceless memories, it’s a review on a cordless hoover that has the most views! On our blog, in terms of numbers, our most read piece has actually been a ’20 Things To Do In Doncaster’ post Donetta wrote. It’s partly why we’ve really taken a serious look at local content. The most successful content we’ve created where I felt extremely proud was definitely working with Everton Football Club my football team

RH. Amazing! You both seem to love what you do and it’s infectious to watch. Do you see it as a brand now are you taking things seriously?

D. Thank you, that’s lovely of you to say! Yes, we’re hoping to create, document, build and grow David and Donetta into a brand for sure. If we can use what we love doing to create a place for others to come for entertainment, advice and motivation then that’s what we’d love to do.

RH. So when did you guys meet?

D. We met on a random Thursday night in Goose, Doncaster just over 7 years ago. I looked at Donetta, she saw me dance and it was a done deal. Donetta came nicely packaged with 2 gorgeous little girls and 364 days after meeting Corben was born! I worked in sales and Donetta in the care sector but once we found blogging and documenting our life we worked as quickly as we could to make it our full time job.

RH. Aww I feel emosh! I think you need to throw an anniversary party at the Goose and make a blog about it. So are you both now working full time on Dave and Donetta?

D. If Goose want to get involved… HA! Yes, we’re both putting our full time efforts into David and Donetta.

RH. I think you should make that happen. Is it scary going completely freelance specially with baba’s at home and how do you create revenue through YouTube?

D. It’s definitely the biggest risk we’ve taken, but we do have a couple of freelance things we can put our hands to. To be fair we don’t mind taking risks to achieve our goals. We make a proportion of our income via brand collaborations and sponsorships.

RH. We need to thank you for coming to Culture Crawl, the video was hilarious and everyone loved it.

D. It was our pleasure, we’re always happy to collaborate with others, especially locally.

RH. It was really hard pulling it all together, I have another job as well as Doncopolitan so Culture Crawl is another thing. Lots of people put in their time for free. When you are making it happen it’s good to see an outsider’s perspective.

D. It was fantastic, everyone involved should be massively proud.

RH Thank you. If it makes people feel inspired and think differently about the town, residents and creatives then we’ve done what we set out to do. What are your 2019 plans for David and Donetta?

Well, in 2019 we’ve set ourselves a HUGE goal of creating a video EVERY SINGLE DAY of 2019! We’re hoping to collaborate with as many people as we can and generally spread some laughs and positivity

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